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A personal injury dedicated to accidents, injury and wrongful death cases can make a difference for you and your family after a collision, severe injury or loss of a loved one.  Consulting with a Tucson personal injury attorney should be your top priority.  The Lara Law Firm believes in providing a high quality of service to our clients.


accident attorney Tucson

We give each and every client the personal attention they deserve, meeting with you to discuss the specifics of your accident in order to determine how best to obtain the compensation you deserve.


A casualty can greatly affect various areas of your life, leaving you with catastrophic injuries that can prevent you from working or enjoying your normal life.  You may require extensive medical care that can be costly and create a financial burden for you and your family.  Our legal team is here to investigate your accident and determine the value of your claim.


Service to Our Clients


We will fight to get the maximum compensation possible, taking into account all possible claims you may have, including your medical costs, future medical care, lost wages, property damage and more importantly, compensation for your pain and suffering.  After all, a serious crash may have a profound psychological impact on you, and we believe that this should be addressed as well as the physical and financial impact.


Information For Your Accident Case


We built this website with the intention of providing helpful information to injured parties and their families throughout the Tucson area and welcome you to review the pages contained herein. You can visit our blog and can also review any of our areas of practice pages you see listed to the left of the screen to find out more information about a particular topic.  You can also find information on how to negotiate your auto claim and other topics relating to personal injury law.


Tucson Personal Injury Attorney

Our team can handle any type of insurance claim lawsuit related to a traffic collision such as car collision, drunk driving accident, truck accident, boating accident, construction accident, defective product, dog bite, drowning accident, slip and fall accident, or any other situation that was caused by another person or entity’s carelessness or negligence.


What cases does  your firm handle?


We can take on cases of any kind that involve such serious injuries as broken bones, burns, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries and can also help you with a wrongful death claim if you have lost a loved one. With our team’s experience in this field, we understand the truly traumatic impact that an automobile claim or accidental death may have on you and your family. Let us fight for your rights and hold the responsible party or parties accountable for what they have done. No matter the circumstances of your case, we are here to help.


How can a Tucson Auto Accident Lawyer help me?


An auto accident attorney can handle all contact with the insurance company, law enforcement and any other parties that must be dealt with in your claim.  A lawyer can do so in an effective manner, properly presenting your interests and protecting your rights.  Should the insurance company attempt to unfairly deny your claim or delay payment, your attorney will know the proper course of action to seek the compensation you deserve. This may be accomplished by way of out-of-court negotiations or courtroom litigation.


A lawyer can properly determine the full, fair value of your claim and then aggressively pursue this on your behalf.


Auto Accident Attorney Tucson


Our personal injury attorney will work to ensure you are receiving the medical care you need in order to fully recover. We promise to keep you apprised of the status of your case from beginning to end.  Our team will be diligent in attempting to settle your case as quickly as possible.


We treat each of our clients as the individual they are. We are aware that achieving a successful resolution of your case involves getting to know what your needs are. You will work closely with your accident lawyer from our office in our pursuit of the compensation you deserve.


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