Personal Injury Lawyers Who Put You First

Injuries happen in a split second, but they can leave you with weeks, months or years of complications. You need a legal team that really puts you first, which is exactly what you get when you contact the Lara Law Firm. We give every client the personal focus and attention he or she deserves.

At our firm, you will work directly with our attorneys, and you may access their bios by clicking the links below:

We value these face-to-face meetings. Our lawyers stress communication at every step in the process. We do not pass your case off to someone else. It's easy to get in touch with us whenever you need us. This client-first approach lets us really understand the ins and outs of your case so that we can fight for the best possible results.

Professional Guidance

We have years of experience working with individuals who have suffered injuries in Tucson and other communities across Arizona. We know how the system works. Let us use that experience to guide you through every step and resolve your claim efficiently. We put our personal touch on every single case, so you know we are just as invested as you are. We are on your side. We can help when you do not know where else to turn.

We can also help you get medical care, if necessary. We value more than just the business relationship. We are here to help you get back on your feet again, and we will do everything in our power to assist you through such a difficult situation.

Cases We Take

Any time someone injures you through negligence, you need to know if you have a right to financial compensation. Cases we take include:

We are well-versed in injury law here in Arizona, and we know exactly what to look for in each case.

How To Contact Us

To get in touch with us and set up a free consultation, please contact us online or call 520-276-4727. Se habla español.