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An ATV, or "all-terrain vehicle," is a beloved recreational activity for many people in the desert southwest.  These vehicles are also growing in popularity for work uses as well, due to their flexibility and power.  Unfortunately, a day on the job or at play can turn into a nightmare when one of these powerful machines gets involved in an accident.  Much like a motorcycle, where the driver has limited protection from other vehicles and from the hazards of the road, an ATV accident can leave its driver seriously injured or even kill them.  If you or a loved one has been involved in an ATV accident due to the negligence of another, you should contact a Tucson personal injury lawyer today to pursue legal options available to you.

ATV Accidents Statistics

With the rise in popularity of ATV’s also comes a rise in the number of accidents.  By 2007, reported accidents that caused serious injury had risen to over 150,000.  And sadly, some 30% of these accidents involved youth and children aged 16 or younger.  With a potential for rollover, these vehicles must meet stringent manufacturing design and production standards, and when they do not, it can turn deadly.

Other drivers also sometimes fail to give proper consideration to an ATV driver’s need for added care and protection.  This negligence can lead to serious neck, head, back, spinal cord, and other injuries that can incur massive medical bills.

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