Freeway accidents often occur at high speeds with heavy vehicles, resulting in devastating crashes and catastrophic injuries, or a tragic death.  Tucson has the 4 th deadliest freeway of the United States.  Accidents on the freeway may be the result of another driver’s negligence, or the result of road hazard created by the government that owns the freeway.  If you have been hurt on a Freeway in the Tucson area, you may want to contact our attorney to guide you through the process of seeking compensation.

Common Freeway Auto Accidents

If you live or work in Tucson, Arizona then you likely spend a lot of time driving on the freeway.  As Tucson automobile accident lawyers, we also know that they are the location for many serious auto accidents which result in catastrophic injuries.  According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) there are an estimated 350 serious injuries and 95 fatalities caused by Arizona freeway collisions each year.  Examples are cited below.

Freeway Speeding

Driving faster than the posted speed limit is one of the leading causes of multiple-vehicle wrecks in the nation.  Even though traffic on the interstate moves at a quick pace, those drivers who insist on speeding often fail to keep a safe distance between themselves and other vehicles, meaning they pose a huge danger both to themselves and to other road users.  If you are speeding, then it is going to take you considerably longer to slow down or stop should the vehicles ahead of you suddenly slow.  Speeding is the leading cause of rear-end collisions in Tucson freeway accidents.

Freeway Sudden Lane Changes

Speeding motorists are also more likely to make sudden or unexpected lane changes either as a result of trying to avoid a collision with a slower vehicle or simply due to an aggressive attitude.  Changing lanes without warning creates a very real hazard to other drivers who are already traveling at significant speeds.  Many times, a driver who is suddenly cut in front of by another vehicle will instinctively apply their brakes.  This then creates an accident.

Freeway Merging

Another common freeway car accident scenario involves traffic merging onto the freeway from an entrance ramp as the issue of who has right-of-way can sometimes be confusing.  If in doubt, best practice dictates that you get out of the other vehicle’s way whenever possible.  Be safe, be polite and be accommodating.  If you are driving in the right-most lane on the interstate or Freeway and you are approaching an entrance ramp, it is a good idea to move over one lane so there is plenty of room for any merging traffic to enter the roadway.  Merging vehicles should adjust their speed on approach to the Freeway to match that of the freeway traffic.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in an interstate car accident, it is important that you consult with an experienced Tucson automobile accident lawyer. Call our law office if you were involved in such an accident.


Freeway accidents often result in catastrophic injuries. In spite of the devastation wrought by their insured, however, insurance companies will look for ways in which an accident victim was at fault for his or her own harm. This is why it is important to enlist a motor vehicle collision attorney who is experienced in helping Tucson residents assert their rights. If you have been hurt in a Freeway crash, call our office, we can help you try to hold the responsible parties accountable.