Compensation for Your Injuries after a Car Accident

You can be compensated after a car accident for pain and suffering, but only if you have injuries.  These injuries can be physical or mental, or even emotional in nature.  Your injuries are damages either "general" or "special damages."

Any injury victim is entitled to compensation for sustained injuries, provided that the accident was the fault of a third party.  A victim or the victim’s family may be entitled to damages of several types, including pain and suffering, loss of amenities, past and future lost earnings, hospital and medical expenses, and expenses for medications.

Hiring an Attorney after an Accident

If you were wondering how to get money from a car accident, the legal framework applicable in Arizona is protective to victims of road traffic accidents, through provisions of compulsory insurance for third party liability and additional safeguards.  Be that as it may, trying to deal with insurance companies, handling extensive paperwork and getting a fair settlement is an overwhelming task for someone already dealing with a serious injury.  Most individuals are not equipped to deal with these details following a serious accident and may not actively pursue their rights, thus losing occasionally substantial compensation awards.

In road traffic accidents, acting quickly is always important. The following is basic preliminary advice for persons involved in traffic accidents in Arizona:

  • Regardless of how minor you think the accident is, always report it to the police.
  • Write down names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses in case you need them later.
  • Call your insurance agent and your insurance company immediately for further instructions. If you do not report the accident, the insurance company may deny payment of any claims subsequently filed against you.
  • Document your injuries early, get competent medical treatment and take photographs in the hospital, or when you get home.
  • In order to protect your legal rights following an injury due to a car accident, it is wise to promptly obtain legal advice, so as to allow full investigation of the claim, observation of important physical evidence and tracing witnesses and other evidentiary material. Do not sign any statement or other document without consulting a lawyer.

Compensation four your injuries after an Accident

In general, a responsible person’s insurance company is responsible for paying an injured person for:

  • medical care and related expenses
  • missed work time or other lost income
  • pain and other physical suffering
  • permanent physical disability or disfigurement
  • medications and ongoing care
  • loss of family, social, and educational experiences, and
  • emotional damages resulting from any of the above

Several factors can be considered to add value to your case including:

  • The more painful the type of injury you suffered, the higher the end of the formula you use.
  • The more invasive and longer-lasting your medical treatment, the higher the formula.
  • The more obvious the medical evidence of your injury, the higher the formula.
  • The longer the recovery period from your injuries, the higher the formula.
  • The more serious and visible any permanent effect of your injury, the higher the formula.

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