Motorcycle Accidents Almost Always Lead To Injuries

Arizona is a beautiful state for motorcyclists. Even the winter weather is mild compared with northern states. The stunning scenery and miles upon miles of open road make it a destination for motorcyclists everywhere.

Unfortunately, these motorcyclists face serious risks. Though motorcycles make up a small percentage of vehicles in Arizona, they are frequently involved in accidents across the state, often due to the actions of negligent motorists. When a motorcycle crash happens, it almost always results in extremely serious injuries for anyone on the bike, even if the motorcyclist and rider are wearing protective gear.

Seeking Compensation For Your Injuries And Expenses

Serious injuries can lead to huge medical bills, especially when long-term care is necessary. Head and spine injuries notoriously do not heal well, and they could lead to permanent disability and lost wages. The costs are enormous, all for an accident that took only a half a second to occur.

At Lara Law Firm in Tucson, Arizona, we can help you get back on your feet. Our attorneys will provide experienced assistance to you at each level of your case. We are a client-focused law firm, and we will always put you first. You are more than just a number or a file. You are a person who is struggling with life-changing injuries, and we will give you the personalized assistance you deserve.

Common reasons for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Drivers not checking their blind spots
  • Inattentive motorists who change lanes without looking for surrounding traffic
  • Drivers who turn in front of oncoming motorcyclists

If you find yourself injured in one of these crashes, know that our attorneys are here to provide you with compassionate representation. We will help you get the care you need and perform a thorough analysis to determine the full value of your claim. We work for you and will do what is best for you to help you resolve your case through negotiations with the insurance companies or litigation.

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