Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing a personal injury attorney is like choosing any other professional that you may come across in your life. First, you need a dedicated professional who will care for your interest and not their own.

Second, the quality of the work must be great because there will be no other chance to address your personal injury case after the case is settled, or after your case goes to a jury trial.

Third, you must have good communication with your attorney. We have taken over cases handled by other attorneys where the client says that they have never received a single phone call from their attorney. Rather they received one or two calls from a paralegal who is not trained in the law.

Choosing a personal injury attorney in Tucson

Lastly, it only makes sense that you hire someone who is fully dedicated to this area of the law. Unfortunately, I have seen too many websites that have attorneys who practice two or three, or even four areas of the law. An attorney who practices immigration, criminal, personal injury, and family law is not well versed in any of those areas. Hence, I would greatly dissuade you from hiring an attorney with that multi-practice approach.

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