Liability In Personal Injury Cases

The liability in personal injury cases  is the prime consideration in evaluating the damages. Clear liability adds value to the case, of course, while a poor case for liability decreases it. The value of the case must be decreased in proportion to the difficulty of establishing liability during negotiations. Unfortunately, even cases of clear liability are sometimes won by clever, highly skilled defense attorneys opposing unskilled lawyers.

Help From An Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawyer can examine the causes of an injury and determine whether someone should be held responsible for the injury.  A personal injury lawyer can also help assess the amount of money that is likely to be recovered.  There are a number of cases and statutes that could be important in analyzing who is responsible for someone’s injuries. Even if someone were injured outside of Arizona, they may be able to start a lawsuit in this jurisdiction. People who live outside of Arizona may also be allowed to start a lawsuit here.

Attorney’s Fees in Liability Cases

A lawyer’s fees depend on the lawyer and the complexity of the case, but nothing is paid out of pocket to the attorney.  This is called a contingency fee.  The lawyer is not paid during the litigation, and he or she often finances all of the costs of the case, such as expert reports, investigators, and ongoing costs of the lawsuit as well.  The injured person does not pay anything to the attorney during the course of the personal injury lawsuit.


Call us at any time if you have been injured after a collision.  We can help you get to the bottom of the truth and seek justice for the injured party. We use local experts to prove your case, and we can refer you to local doctors to improve your health and to well document your injuries. An attorney can help you prove your case.