Negotiating A Personal Injury Claim With An Insurance Company

Read this article when negotiating a personal injury claim with an insurance company whether you have an attorney or not. The only way to effectively negotiate a personal injury claim with an automobile insurance company is to provide them with proof of all of your losses. A professional demand letter presented by an attorney should include all reports, itemized billing statements, and ICD and CPT codes must be included. Also, if you have an attorney, the demand letter must have a description of the loss of enjoyment of life, and a detailed description of how the accident affected your life and the relationship with your family must be added.

The difference between self-representation and the representation of an attorney should be a marked distinction in the quality of the description of your losses and the coding that adjustors use to evaluate your case.

When Should a Lawsuit be Filed after an Accident?

Not all cases will receive a fair offer and the only way to outdo that unjust move is to file a lawsuit. An ethical attorney will not allow you to take a low offer despite all of the work that may go into litigation. Insurance companies prey on those accident victims (and attorneys) who will accept pennies for their injury cases. Accepting less than you are entitled to not only affects you, but it affects the medical providers who will take a lot less than they should be paid, and this also lowers the going compensation rate for personal injury cases.

Negotiating a Personal Injury Claim with an Insurance Company - Adjustor Authority

Adjustors do have a range of settlement authority. Ask for the maximum of their authority and if your case is worth more than their authority, then a lawsuit must be filed. A lawsuit will not get rid of an adjustor, the same one may remain on the case, or another senior adjustor can be appointed. However, you will also get an attorney appointed for the other party. That opposing attorney may or may not understand that you case is worth more than what was offered.