Once a lawsuit has been filed, some defendants or insurance companies will attempt to make a settlement outside of court. An almost standard agreement of a settlement is to not pursue the defendant or insurance company in court. Although this alleviates the stress and cost of trial for the plaintiff, sometimes going to court is the better option. The only way to weigh the options is with an experienced personal injury attorney.

The moment upon receiving the offer of a settlement, you should call Lara Law Firm. We can help you decide whether or not the offer is a reasonable one; which is based on the strength of the case, money and damages, your personal situation, and any general concerns.

If you decide to continue the legal process, Lara Law Firm will be a strong force in helping you win your case. We will work in your best interest to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, while you focus on healing.

Lara Law Firm will work hard with your best interests in mind to not miss a single detail while considering a settlement.