Calling A Personal Injury Attorney

After being in an accident, the first priority should be seeking proper medical care and healing your injuries. The next, which is just as urgent, should be calling a local personal injury attorney. While waiting to meet with an attorney precious time can pass that can, and will, cost you to lose your case.

For all claims, there are deadlines that cannot be missed (unless your are a minor or are incapacitated). These deadlines include variables such as the state laws, as well as the nature of the case. If the case is against the government, the deadlines are even shorter due to the federal "Tort Claim Acts" and other State deadlines when the claim is against the government. The Lara Law Firm is experienced with handling and meeting all deadlines, so please call as soon as possible to ensure you will receive the compensation you deserve.


Evidence and the scene of the accident are variables that can change with time, even as far as completely disappearing. Time is of the essence when obtaining all evidence to prove your claim in a legal setting. Key evidence - such as witness statements, physical evidence at the scene, and proof of injuries - change and heal over time, making them impossible to document if too much time has passed. Lara Law Firm will work quickly and efficiently to ensure no evidence is lost due to slow documentation, allowing you to focus on the healing process.

As briefly mentioned before, memories and witnesses' memories change and fade. Your testimony as well as witnesses' testimonies are the most important pieces of evidence. With time, as we all know, memories can fade and even be completely altered. Lara Law Firm will not miss any detail when obtaining testimonies to prove all angles of your case, making it impossible to invalidate your claim.


Negotiation of a fair settlement is possible within a short time after the accident. This allows the injured party to not be forced into dealing with a trial. Some settlements are fair, but others are simply looking to give you the least amount of compensation for your pain and suffering. Lara Law Firm will advise you on whether or not to take the settlement, helping negotiate during this fragile time.


The most important reason to see a personal injury attorney is to get peace of mind. You should focus on healing, physically and mentally, after an accident. Handling a personal injury on your own leaves room for error. Lara Law Firm has taken on many cases, resulting in full compensation for the injured. You can sleep easily knowing that your case is in the ideal hands when you choose the right attorney.

Please call up Lara Law Firm today if you have been injured in Tucson, Arizona.