Tucson Accident Lawyer

Tucson Accident Attorney

I dedicate all of my legal practice to helping injury victims recover their health through quality medical referrals to the greatest extent possible, and to recover compensation for their injuries. My Mother was in a tragic car accident before I became a lawyer, and the entire family felt the pain and anguish of seeing her spend one week in the hospital and two years in physical therapy. Worst of all, the other driver attempted to blame her for the accident. After a legal battle of 4 years, my Mother finally recovered compensation and she recovered most of her health.

My experience through that horrible ordeal led me to understand the stress, pain and frustration that auto accident victims experience.  As an accident attorney, I understand that the losses are not only physical, but many of our clients lose their jobs, or even have to quit a semester in college to attend all of their medical appointments after the injury.


The Stress and Losses after an Accident

An accident can be an overwhelming experience, leaving you injured and without transportation. Also, medical care may not be readily available for you since we have faced so many issues with access to doctors in this State. Your family is also affected because they may have to care for you and they also become distressed.

If you or someone in your family has suffered an injury after a auto accident, we can help you. All of our consultations are “no obligation” and free. We never push our clients to sign agreements and many people do come in to discuss their cases with us. After we begin to represent you for the injury claim, we keep in close contact with you. Every step of your case will be explained by our legal team and we will pay for all costs whether a lawsuit is filed or not.


Adolfo Lara – Tucson Accident Attorney

I am a licensed Arizona attorney, and a graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law.  I am also a member of the Pima County Bar, the Arizona State Bar, the Federal Bar Association, and the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association.  All of these organizations provide training in civil procedure, evidence, and personal injury topics.  Through this Tucson law firm, I have helped hundreds of auto accident victims recover compensation for their injuries, and my contact with local doctors helps injured victims find the proper medical treatment.  I enjoy working for the Tucson community as an accident attorney, and I make yearly donations to Legacy School,  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, and our local YMCA.