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Pedestrian Accidents in Arizona and Exercising Safety

Pedestrian Accidents in Arizona and Exercising Safety

  If you are struck and injured by a car as a pedestrian, it may seem obvious you should be entitled to recover money damages. But under Arizona law, the car driver is often given the benefit of the doubt.  Your attorney will have to stand up to insurance defense lawyers who will do everything possible to blame you, the victim.  We have the experience, skill and resources to fight aggressively against the full power of the largest insurance companies.  If you or a loved one was hit by a car when walking along a sidewalk, street or crosswalk, contact us right away.  

Many pedestrian accidents are caused by a hit and run driver or an uninsured or underinsured driver.  Even if you think there is no avenue for recovery, we examine every possible source of compensation, such as homeowner's insurance policies that less-experienced attorneys might not even consider.  We have a successful record of finding ways to help our clients get the money they need for economic and non-economic losses.  We work to make sure you are compensated for your legal, medical and financial needs.  We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means we are paid only when we win a settlement or verdict for you.

  Call us today to discuss your legal options for recovery with a trusted and experienced attorney.   

Tips on Pedestrian Safety in Arizona

  The NHST (National Highway Traffic Safety) Administration reports that 445 people end up in the emergency room due to a pedestrian accidents everyday in this country.  Many of these accidents up being fatal.  Stay safe as a pedestrian and make your way home safely each day using these tips:

  • Use the sidewalk or shoulder: If there is a sidewalk available, use it. If there aren't sidewalks available, walk on the shoulder of the road and be sure to face traffic. This way, you and any oncoming drivers can see each other.
  • Walking at night: Be extra cautious and alert at night. Visibility is reduced at night, so running at night is better on a track or at the gym.
  • Pedestrian right-of-way: As a pedestrian, you have the right-of-way on the roads. However, if there are no traffic signals, drivers have to let you cross.If there are traffic signals, follow the intersection rules as if you were in a car.  Both pedestrians and drivers share the responsibility to keep roads and intersections safe. Follow these guidelines and pay attention to improve pedestrian safety in Arizona and to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents on our streets.  If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, contact us for a free injury case consultation.
  • Don't be distracted: Looking at your phone while walking through a crosswalk, or otherwise being distracted, can increase the chances of an accident.You need to be able to hear what's happening around you, especially honking cars.
  • Use designated crosswalks: Jaywalking is illegal and dangerous. Use designated crosswalks to avoid collisions with oncoming drivers.Automated crosswalks at stoplights are safest because drivers are more cautious around intersections.

  Contact Our Law Office   Call our office if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident.  We can refer you to doctors who will work with you on a lien basis.

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