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Tucson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Tucson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

  Our Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer provides aggressive and effective legal representation for clients seriously injured in motorcycle accidents throughout Arizona. Motorcycle accident cases often pose complex factual, legal and financial issues.  Liability is often contested because many people tend to perceive that motorcycles are dangerous. However, most of these drivers are just as careful as other drivers on the road.   Therefore, a prompt investigation to preserve all evidence and uncover all sources of legal and financial responsibility is especially important. That's why you need experienced legal help to assist you.  

Why Choose Us as your Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer?

  Our legal experience is a benefit to the injury victims and the families we represent. All members of our legal team have worked collectively together for many years. We always work hard to uncover the case facts and to ensure our client's legal interests are adequately protected. Our motorcycle accident lawyers know the questions to ask and how to find the answers too.   If we are unable to to negotiate a fair settlement, we also won't hesitate to bring your case before a jury. When you retain our law firm, you are going to receive legal representation from experienced trial lawyers. Our mission is the same for all our client's cases. To present our client's cases in a court of law in a convincing and compelling fashion and to obtain justice for the client's we represent.   

Representing Motorcycle Accident Victims In Tucson

  Liability for many motorcycle accident cases is usually based under Arizona common law negligence principles. Through creative lawyering our attorneys have also established legal and financial responsibility based on less obvious legal principles such as vicarious liability, respondeat /superior, employer/employee relationships, negligent entrustment claims, dram shop liability, and other business and contractual relationships such as joint ventures.   Generally speaking, motorcycle accidents are usually caused by some form of negligence, carelessness, or reckless conduct. Examples include inattentive drivers, distracted drivers such as text messaging, speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, or simply failing to yield the right of way. In some cases, businesses that rent motorcycles to tourists can be held liable as well.     If hired to represent you, our Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation right away to determine the best course of action. We employ experienced investigators and only utilize qualified experts such as in accident reconstruction and other relevant medical fields to help prove our clients cases in the court room.    

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

  Have you been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Tucson area? Whether you were hurt as the driver or as a passenger on the motorcycle, our attorneys are happy to help you. Our lawyers help people who live in any state or country that have been hurt in motorcycle accidents in Arizona.     Injuries can be a lot worse in a motorcycle accident depending on how fast you are driving, the size of the motorcycle, and the driver's drinking of alcohol or taking drugs.  Not wearing sunglasses can cause the wind to make your vision blurry, which can increase the chances of a motorcycle accident.  Using an approved safety helmet is the most critical factor in reducing both head and neck injury in a motorcycle accident.   In a motorcycle accident case, injuries vary from either serious to catastrophic and in some cases death.   Using a safety helmet with full face shield greatly reduces face injury in a motorcycle accident.Having the right type of car insurance policy for motorcycles is highly recommended to get the best medical care and be able to replace your bike in a motorcycle accident.   CONTACT US AFTER A MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT   If you or a family member have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, please call our office.

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