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Personal Injury Claim Settlement

Personal Injury Claim Settlement in Arizona

  As personal injury lawyers, there's no question that we are asked "how long do you think it will take to settle my case?"  The quick answer to that question depends on whether or not you want to take the low-ball quick settlement from the insurance company, or if you're willing to hire a law firm to ensure your case is handled professionally.  Personal injury claim settlement takes professional work, and, at times, even a Complaint filed in Court.   First we'll look at the major differences between the quick settlement and the professional settlement, their disadvantages and advantages, and then we'll discuss the time involved if you choose to have your case handled by our personal injury law firm.  

The "Insurance Company" Personal Injury Claim Settlement

  Insurance companies are known for rushing injured people to settle their claim, and the reason they want you to settle quickly is because they know a "quick settlement" is almost always to their advantage. This is especially true for injured people who have suffered soft-tissue injuries that involve things such as nerve damage or neck and back pain. These injury types are often subjective and highly unpredictable, meaning they can have lingering effects and a doctor may require you to complete months of physical therapy before they adequately resolve the problem.   Keep these tips in mind:

  • If you settle your personal injury claim with the insurance company before a doctor declares you 100%, there's a strong possibility that some of your problems may return and require additional treatment. In this instance, assuming you signed a release with the insurance company, you'll be responsible for all the costs associated with any future treatment and therapy of the injuries you sustained in the car accident.
  • Quick settlements can also negatively affect a person with traumatic injuries, including broken bones, surgeries, long-term care, etc. In accident types such as these, it's possible that you may be entitled to what is known as "policy limits," or the maximum amount available on the insurance policy. However, it's also possible that more than one policy exists. If you or a family member decides to take the quick settlement without having a law firm first investigate on your behalf, there is the chance that you are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

The "Injury Lawyer" Personal Injury Claim Settlement

  Hiring a personal injury firm does not speed up the process of your personal injury claim. In fact, it can take a longer period of time for you to receive your money.  Once the insurance company is aware that you have hired an attorney, their tactics will change.  Instead of rushing to settle your claim with us, they will drag their feet hoping you become frustrated.  The reason they do this is because they know that you're likely going to receive more money for your claim by hiring a lawyer.   Fortunately for you, the personal injury lawyers at our office have been working against the insurance companies. We know how to handle their ineffective strategies to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve and get the treatment you deserve.  Once you hire us, the amount of time it takes us to settle your injury claim will depend on the following:

  • When the doctor releases you from treatment, or you have reached a maximum level of physical recovery.
  • Your treatment the most important factor for you and the value of your case, it's also the longest lag time in your case. It's something that cannot be hurried, nor should it be.
  • Gathering official records takes time, so this is yet another big factor that can affect the amount time it will take to settle your case.
  • The demand package is the final step to resolving your claim--it includes all of your medical records, bills, and a demand letter written by your lawyer that clearly and expertly outlines your entire case.
  • There is a large amount of information in a demand package, sometimes thousands of pages, so it's possible the insurance companies will require several weeks to examine our demand package.
  • Once the personal injury claim settlement takes place, we work as quickly as possible to make the insurance company issue a check and release for total payment.

  Remember, every case is different, and it's never recommended that you judge the potential time your case may take to settle by comparing it to someone else's case. No law firm can guarantee a settlement date.   

Do You Need a Tucson Accident Attorney?

  Our accident lawyers have helped thousands of accident victims throughout the state settle their claims at values that were fair and just. If you choose to take the quick settlement there's no guarantee that your claim will ever be handled with your best interest in mind. Handling a claim professionally will take time, but it could be worth thousands of dollars you may not have received otherwise.   No matter the circumstances, calls to our office are always free and our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you'll never be charged for any work we do on your behalf unless we make a recovery for you.

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