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How to Improve the Value of Your Injury Claim in Arizona

How to Improve the Value of Your Injury Claim

  Treat with Experienced Doctors and Obtain the Proper Diagnostic Tests Receiving medical care for your injuries from an experienced doctor is extremely important. Not all doctors have the experience needed to treat accident victims. Additionally, not all doctors are willing to wait until your claim is resolved for the payment of their bill.  Read this article to learn how to improve the value of your injury claim in Arizona.  

Secure All Evidence of Your Losses

  It is important that you understand that collecting and securing certain evidence after an accident is critical on serious injury cases. Thus, it is in your best interest to always secure the evidence, quickly. If there are any eye witnesses to the accident, make sure a "private investigator" tracks down those witnesses and obtains a statement.  Photographs of bruises, scars, vehicles and property damage should be obtained. The collection of these types of evidence can improve the value of a case. If you need help call our law office.  

Document Injuries and Changes in Your Life

  The more detailed documentation of one's injuries and damages the better for the claim. You need to have detailed medical narratives, records and documentation from your treating doctors and your experts to improve the value of your case. For a detailed explanation of what is needed, contact our attorney.  

Do Not Have Gaps in Treatment

  Some insurers may encourage the victim to postpone seeking medical attention or treatment. This in turn can negatively affect the value of a case as well as cause medical issues for the victim.   

Follow Your Doctor's Orders and Take the Prescriptions   Follow your treating doctor's advice. If the doctor tells you to come in for treatment three days a week, but you can only go once a week, you may lessen the efficiency of the treatment and reduce the value of the case. It is important to understand that when it comes time for the insurance company to evaluate your claim they may contend that if you were truly injured, you would have followed your doctor's recommendations and you would have made your appointments. For more information call our office.   KNOW YOUR CASE! You may also want to consider these tips in "knowing" your case:

  • Keep Notes of all "Pain and Suffering": A diary can be one of the most effective pieces of evidence of your pain and suffering claim. A daily diary can help document and provide an accurate account of one's injuries and pain. However, if you fail to document all of your pains or you include unrelated or incorrect information, diaries can be a disaster. Call our office and we can explain to you in detail how to best proceed.
  • Do Not Discuss Your Case With The Insurance Company:  The only people you should ever, I repeat ever speak to about your claim, is your attorney or your doctor.  You never know if an off handed comment can and will be used against you at a later date. Call our law office, we will work to protect you and your rights.  Knowing your case does not mean sharing all of the information that you have with the insurance company immediately after the accident.

  Call Us to Help You Improve the Value of Your Injury Claim in Arizona   We are confident that if you follow these suggestions you can increase the value of your personal injury claim.  You deserve to recover the proper amount of compensation for your pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses and lost wages.  If you have been injured in an accident, give us a call and we can be of assistance to you.  You may also call us if you have any questions on how to improve the value of your injury claim in Arizona.  

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