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Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney

  Every day we hear car accident reports on the radio and on television.  Our dependence on our vehicles and public transportation creates the danger of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Car accidents can lead to serious injuries, hospitalization, lost time from work, and even permanent injuries that may have to endure throughout the rest of your life.  Tucson motor vehicle accidents occur too frequently and have lasting injuries on the innocent victims.  

Help for those injured after Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents?

  If you have been victimized in an accident of any kind, it is in your best interests to have a personal injury attorney handle your claim.  An attorney can take the stress away from dealing with insurance companies and handling a lawsuit on your own.   At the Lara Law Firm, we know that victims who suffer in a car accident will lose time from their schedule, and may even lose their jobs as a result of their injuries.  As such, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the most compensation as possible so that they may recover in all aspects of their life.  Some of the accidents that we have been able to help injury victims with include the following:  

Types of Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Tucson Motorcycle Accidents: Accidents that involve the use of a motorcycle can leave a rider seriously injured due to the small build of the bike and the great force of a passenger vehicle.  Typical injuries to a motorcycle rider include broken bones, brain damage, and serious bodily harm that usually requires physical therapy to cure.
  • Tucson Bus Accidents:  Bus accidents may cause harm to the passengers, to pedestrians, other vehicles on the road; the damage from these accidents can be catastrophic.  Many times these accidents involve school children.  Due to the great harm caused by these accidents, and the large number of potential claimants, it is wise to retain legal counsel quickly.
  • Tucson ATV Accidents: In the rural areas of Arizona, ATVs are a common source of recreation.  Nevertheless, these vehicles have caused injuries and even death to its riders.  These vehicles are dangerous even to those that know how to operate them well.  Injured parties may make a claim against the manufacturer if the design was defective.  Passengers may also use the driver if they were injured by his or her negligent driving.
  • Boat Accidents: Not every motor vehicle accident occurs on the roadways.  In fact, waterways are just as prone to serious and debilitating accidents.  Boats do not steer as easily, do not have a car's braking system and are often operated by those who are not properly trained.  This can result in serious accidents that can cause debilitating injuries to the victims.
  • Tucson Truck Accidents: Commercial trucks can cause serious injuries and even multiple deaths from a single collision.  Large commercial trucks are common in Arizona highways are roads, and distracted or tired drivers can cause great damage to other motorists.  Also, lack of proper training or supervision can lead to devastating injuries.  Other causes for accidents may also be created by defective equipment or poor maintenance of the truck.

  Call us if you have any questions.  We always refer callers to other attorneys if our law firm is not an ideal match for your case.

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