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Severe Crash at North Silverbell Road

Severe Crash at North Silverbell Road, Marana

Three people were injured in a crash at North Silverbell Road near Coachline Boulevard when a Nissan SUV went past a red traffic signal striking a Honda sedan.  The SUV was driven by an elderly gentleman, and the Honda was occupied by a couple in their mid 20s.  The names of the drivers were not released, but the injuries that were sustained in the crash at North Silverbell Road were severe enough to report the incident in the local Tucson news.  All three persons involved in the incident were transported to the hospital.

Accident with severe injuries reported in Marana

The Northwest Fire District Department responded to the accident.   The three individuals were deemed to be in a stable condition once they arrived at the hospital.  The Marana Police Department responded to the scene and cleared the vehicles from the street.   The victims of the accident presented common injuries seen in a t-bone collision.

Commonly Sustained Injuries in T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents typically present major injuries including head trauma, head fractures, broken bones, TBI (traumatic brain injuries), or even amputation of a limb, or death.  The severe damage caused by these accidents can leave a permanent negative effect in the car accident victim's life.  Further, occupant injury is more likely to be severe in this type of an accident, as compared to a rear-ended collision or a side swipe. The intensity of the collision depends on factors such as speed, and vehicle weight and construction. Both vehicles will frequently be turned from their original directions of travel as in this case.  The crash at North Silverbell Road is a typical example of a t-bone collision with severe injuries.In any case involving serious injury, please call our office.  We have handled hundreds of cases such as the one described above.
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