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How can I increase the payment on my personal injury claim?

When you are fighting for recovering financial compensation for an injury caused without any fault of your own, you should never sell yourself short. You must always think of maximizing your personal injury claim settlement by devising a strategy to negotiate, after the accident. A personal injury covers a wide spectrum of accident types and injuries or it can be a psychological or physical illness. The personal injury claims are of many types including accidents on roads, workplaces or public places, accidental slips, disease claims, medical negligence, consumption of adulterated food products, etc. These can cause any kind of injury to spinal, brain or body injuries that can also be life-threatening. No matter the type of accident and amount of injuries, you have to get the right compensation for your losses. You can follow the below mentioned steps for increasing the payment for your personal injury claim.

Document All the Evidence And Expenses

Before fighting your case, make sure that you collect all the information about the accident. You must collect witness statements, medical reports, bills, invoices and your other expenses after the accident. The job of the insurance adjuster is to decide the settlement amount. Hence, it will help you get maximum amount only if you include all the details about your expenses until now. You must also include unpaid wages and transportation charges to make the claim stronger.

Understand What the Insurance Covers

While claiming a personal injury amount, you need to understand all the things that your insurance covers. If you don't have any knowledge about it, you can consult a personal injury attorney, who will make you understand the process better. There is also no-fault medical coverage that you or your attorney can control. The insurance industry is very tricky so you have to get the right advice from a right person.

Be Prepared and Keep An Amount In Mind

Explain the extent of losses you have suffered by mentioning specific points to show the claim value. Be aware of the amount of the losses and their value. So, decide a minimum figure in a range in which you will accept to settle the claim. When you have a bottom line in mind, you can discuss your case confidently with the insurer. However, if you find that there are shreds of evidence that are making your claim stronger, you can always increase the amount you had it in mind. There are various factors that determine the value of the case for a personal injury claim.

Do Not Accept the Initial Offer

The aim of the insurance adjusters is to totally avoid giving you the settlement amount or close the case with a minimal sum. Initially, they will offer you a very small amount for the settlement of the claim. This way they are testing if you know the value of your case or whether you are just there to accept the low amount offered. See if the amount they are offering is too low or if it is close to the minimum amount you are expecting. If you feel the amount they are offering is not reasonable, you can make your counteroffer. By bargaining a little more, you both can get to a final settlement amount that you both think is fair. Keeping all the details regarding the expenses will help you get the compensation you deserve. You should also take photographs of the incident site and if possible, of the injuries, to make the case stronger. Hiring a lawyer will be helpful in case the insurance adjusters are putting a lot of pressure on you. They will not only help you get your compensation sooner but also raise the settlement amount as they are experienced in personal injury settlements.

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