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What Damages Can I Claim After A Car Accident?

You are riding in a car, thinking of the day's plans and the work to be completed. Suddenly you are hit by a car and in a matter of seconds you are involved in an accident. All your day's plans get crushed and now you are only frightened. After regaining your composure, you realize what has actually happened and you start thinking about the claim for your damages.  This includes damages to your property and injuries to your body. When you have an accident, you can seek compensation by filing a claim and recover your monetary losses. As every accident is unique, you should hire a lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve. There are many kinds of damages which you can claim, thereby making your case stronger for the claims adjustor. Let's see some of the types of damages that you can claim after you have a car accident.

Damage to the Property

When you are involved in an accident, not only is your car is damaged, but also your personal property in the vehicle.  In this case, you can ask for compensation via the property damage claim. The injuries in the body or a death claim do not come under this claim. The at-fault driver's insurance provider should bear the expenses for repairing the vehicle and for the damaged personal possessions. To make the settlement claim stronger, don't forget to photograph the accident site and the car at the accident site. Keep the invoices of the replacements as it can help in getting an accurate amount for compensation.

Damages Caused Due to Pain and Suffering

After an accident, you will suffer from the pain you obtain from injuries or you can also have a psychological effect that wears on your enjoyment of life. To fight the depression and anxiety, you might need counselling sessions that will let you drive again. These are non-tangible ways of suffering from the accident. These types of damages are also claims for compensation. Before deciding the value of these claims, determine the injuries that you suffered and nature of the accident.

Damages Due to Death

In an accident, unfortunately, you might have experienced the death of your loved ones. You can file a lawsuit and claim compensation for damages. The damages include medical bills and compensation for the loss of the relationship of your loved one. If the death was of your spouse, you can also claim damages for the loss of affection and consortium.

Medical Expenses

If you have an injury due to the accident, you can seek compensation for medical expenses as they are very expensive. Everything is included in the medical claim such as hospitalization, diagnoses costs, treatment, medicines, etc. But make sure that you document each and every thing because you have to prove the medical expenses to get compensation. You can also note the kind of injury you had and the time you took to recover from that injury.

Lost Wages and Loss of Advancement

When you are injured, you have take a lot of personal time for treatment, first in the hospital and then during the recovery. At this time, you are not only missing out on your wages from your company, but also from various opportunities in career. So, you can determine the appropriate amount and get compensated according to the lost wages and the loss of advancement of your career. After a car accident you may lose out on several things in life and thus, you have to seek compensation for all your damages. You can collect pictures and videos to illustrate the extent of the damages that you suffered.  

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