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What to do after a car accident with a drunk driver

One of the most terrifying experiences you can have is to get involved in a car accident. Another one will be to know that you were not at fault and that you had an accident only because of a drunk driver that hit your car. It is simply a very painful experience to get injured and suffer because the other driver was driving under influence of drugs or alcohol. In this case, you have a very good chance of getting a hefty compensation for the injuries you sustained as a result of the crash. You also have the option to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. While you must be thinking that you are lucky to survive the crash, there is a long road to recovery. Regardless of the level of injuries you received, the insurance company of the offender will pressure you to settle the case outside the court to close the accident case and keep the amount as low as possible. Do not give up quickly because to get the compensation that you deserve, you have to assess the damages caused, including the financial losses like medical costs, lost salary, etc. To protect your rights and receive the compensation pertaining to the losses, you should follow the below-mentioned steps when you are involved in a car accident with a drunken driver.

Stay At The Scene and the Attentive

When you get hit by a drunken driver, make sure that you stay at the scene so that you can assess the damages and the adverse driver's identity. Unless there is a safety issue or serious injuries, you must not leave the accident scene. Attend other passengers, if there are any, and call for emergency assistance as well as police services. You have to gain enough evidence to make your case strong. The vehicle insurance companies want you to contact police in case of an accident to get an official report. They might deny the claims in the absence of reports from an official. 

Take Photographs and Video Record the Crime Scene

The visuals of an accident scene are valuable because they act as strong evidence in the court of law. They not only show the exact depiction of the crash scene but also help the jury to understand the trauma faced by the victim. It also shows the conditions of the accident scene like the road layout, traffic signs and lights, visibility, weather, etc. Visual evidence also ensures that the offender can't make up any story against you. And the video can show who was present, the defendant's condition and the evidence left on the road.

Identify Offender And Note Details About the Witnesses

While it will be difficult to identify the offender, make sure you obtain all of the details of the vehicle and the driver. Also, search for any witness present at the crash scene. The police officers might miss listing some of the witnesses at the scene. So, it is vital that you identify the witnesses and ask them to help you when needed.

Note the Medical Costs, Lost Wages and Repair Costs

If you are looking to get proper compensation, you should gather all the bills pertaining to medical care, lost wages, medicines, devices, etc. You should know that every loss should be compensated but proper invoices have to be presented to be reimbursed.

Attend the Criminal Hearings

You have done everything like collecting evidence, gathering bills, obtained information about witnesses, etc., and hence made your case strong. Now, it is important that you provide all those things when your case is heard in the criminal court for restitution. Attending the hearings will make the case stronger and it will help you get desired compensation in the civil court at a later date. After an unfortunate car accident with a drunken driver, make sure you follow all the steps so that you can get compensation accordingly. You should hire a good lawyer to assess your options and file a lawsuit.  Don't hesitate to call us.

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