Proper Auto Insurance Coverage Before an Accident

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Getting Proper Auto Insurance Before a Collision

Nobody wants to be injured in a collision, but the reality is that Phoenix and Tucson have too many accidents every single day.  The odds of being involved in an accident are high if you have a regular job from Monday to Friday and you commute to work.  As such, it is important to pay a little more in insurance premiums than to be stuck with a ton of medical bills to pay after an accident.  The Arizona legislature has recognized this problem and may change that problem this year.  Currently (as of February 2017), Arizona has a $15,000 / $30,000 minimum insurance limits.  The Arizona legislature will vote to see if we can increase that limit to $25,000 / $30,000.

The Problem of Low Auto Insurance Limits in Arizona

Our neighbors in New Mexico have the $25,000 per person / $30,000 for 2 people or more limits in place.  Arizona’s limits are too low and they have not been changed since 1972.  If we think about inflation and the rising cost of medical care and hospital visits to the emergency room, then the change should take place soon.  However, as always, there are opponents to the change in legislation who think that an increase in the rates of insurance will leave many people uninsured and with more penalties to pay after they are cited with no mandatory insurance.  Nevertheless, the problem of low insurance limits leads some injured victims with hospital bills that cannot be paid and without proper medical care after a collision.  The hospital liens for medical care will frequently exceed the $15,000 limit and those without proper health insurance are left with no compensation and a collections bill.

What Insurance to Buy Before an Accident

The proper insurance to buy before an accident includes:

  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Underinsured motorist coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Rental insurance
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • *Personal Injury Protection (this may have a different name in your State)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Life Insurance (some insurance companies have this type of coverage available in addition to accidental death insurance)

These types of insurance coverage will add to your monthly premiums, but they protect you and your family in this world of accidents and injuries.  I have met injured parties and families who have lost their businesses, their jobs, and even their family dynamics after an accident.  Inform yourself and meet with a competent insurance agent who will give you all of these options at a good rate.  Nobody wants to write a Last Will and Testament and nobody wants to think about an accident or life insurance, but these policies can make the difference between securing your family’s future and the downfall of your family’s well being.

Choosing Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages

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Choosing Your Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages Wisely


None of us ever want to be involved in a car accident, much less to be stuck with paying a hospital bill.  However, to be sure that you are properly covered by insurance in case of an accident, you can check your Declarations Page.  This document will show you how much auto insurance coverages you have on your car.  First, the third party coverages describe how much money your auto insurance has to pay the other driver, or pedestrian, in case that you are the one at fault for the collision.  In Arizona, these amounts are typically $15,000 per person / $30,000.00 per accident, or $30,000.00 per person / $60,000.00 per accident, and so on.  These policies are referred to as “15/30” or “30/60” policies, and they increase to “50/100,” “100/300,” and to higher amounts.


Underinsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Arizona


A auto insurance coverage often overlooked by our Arizona drivers is that of Underinsured Motorist or Uninsured Motorist policies.  These policies do what their names imply, they cover you and your passengers for any accident where the third party policy is not sufficient (underinsured motorist, or “UIM”) or the policy covers you and your loved ones if the other driver was not insured (uninsured motorist coverage, or “UM”).  Typically, the amount of the monthly premium increase is only $25 to $45.  Thus, while this amount may seem to be excessive, it certainly helps you a lot in a State where 5 to 10% of all drivers choose to drive with no auto insurance at all, and in a State where 70% of drivers choose to buy the most minimal insurance policy available under the law.  (Note: Arizona has one of the lowest minimal coverages in the country; compare and New Mexico at 25/50, and Alaska at 50/100.)  As such, spending a little more on better auto insurance coverages will give you a peace of mind that you and your family will be better protected in the event of an auto collision.


Uninsured motorist coverage is interesting because it “follows you.”  For example, if you are walking across the road inside the pedestrian crosswalk and you are hit by a vehicle (assuming that the driver of the vehicle is at fault and he or she is not insured), the uninsured motorist policy of YOUR CAR will cover your claim of personal injuries.  This claim can include a claim for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.


arizona insurance policiesMedical Payments Coverage in Arizona


Another coverage that is now avoided by some auto insurance salespersons is medical payments (often called “medpay”). Medpay is more affordable than UM or UIM, and it covers any medical expenses up to the amount purchased regardless of fault.  This means that if you purchase a medpay policy of $50,000.00 and you lose control of your vehicle after you fall asleep, your medpay will still pay your hospital bills up to $50,000.00.  In Arizona, you can even use your health insurance and medpay at the same time.  These are items to take into account when choosing your Arizona auto insurance coverages at an insurance broker’s office.


Defenses to the Use of Medpay in Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages


The only defense that insurance adjustors put up after the presentation of a medpay claim is that the “medical treatment is not related to, or was not warranted by, the accident injuries.”  This argument can be easily defeated by providing a copy of the medical records and itemized billing statements with ICD10 codes.  These records and codes show exactly why you were treated following a car accident.


Any Questions on Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages?


You may call our office for any questions that you may have about Arizona auto insurance.  It is also important to stack as many policies as possible.  This means that you may collect from several policies rather than just one.  This will allow you to get compensated in full for your injuries and your losses.


We will gladly accept any referrals that you may have from your friends and family.  We are a local business that treats clients on a one to one basis. We have helped hundreds of injury victims in the last few years and we appreciate our connection with the local residents.


Remember to drive safe, don’t use your phone, and please stop others from driving and drinking.