Arizona DPS Reports Fatal Crash – Highway Deadly Collision

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Fatal Crash Diverted Traffic off the SR 51


Arizona DPS reports fatal crash this morning after there was a pile up of vehicles headed northbound on Piestewa Freeway (SR 51) in Phoenix, Arizona this morning.   The accident involved an 8 vehicle collision where some passengers and drivers received minor injuries.  However,  one of the drivers lost his life when his vehicle was struck by a truck.


The Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating the fatal crash.  The Phoenix Fire Department stated that the victim of the accident was found dead at the scene of the accident.  Next of kin of the deceased man were notified of the tragic accident.


Arizona DPS Reports Fatal Crash


The other motorists involved in this collision were not rendered any medical attention.   Traffic had to be redirected to the Glendale exit while the accident scene was cleared.   The deceased was later identified by law enforcement as  Joseph Hleboski, a Phoenix resident, 67 years of age.  The accident began after a vehicle did not function properly and stopped at the middle of the highway.  That vehicle was then struck by a truck, which then began a series of collision that led to the fatality.


High Number of Fatalities on Arizona Highways


We have an inordinate high number of fatalities on our Arizona highways compared to the national average.  Motorists are always advised to maintain their vehicles in good condition to avoid pile ups like the one in this case.  Defensive driving classes also advise drivers to look far ahead of their vehicles in order to avoid collisions on highways.  The driver should always be 3 seconds away from the vehicle in front of them in order to have enough time to react to the conditions on the road.  Here, there were 8 vehicles that collided with each other in less than 1 minute.  While speeding was not involved, the drivers were too close to each other when traveling on the highway.


Please drive safely and keep a proper distance between your car and the other vehicles on the road.


Tucson Pedestrian Died From Injuries

Deceased Pedestrian Was Identified


Mr. Michael Gary Edminster, a 50 year old resident of Tucson, was struck near the intersection of North Campbell Avenue and East Prince Road.  Mr. Edminster was crossing the street outside the pedestrian walkway when he was struck by an SUV.  The Tucson pedestrian died from injuries caused by the auto accident.


fatal pedestrian accident

Tucson Pedestrian Died From Injuries


The accident occurred before 9:00 p.m. when there was some reasonable visibility in the roadway.  The driver of the 2001 BMW SUV was identified and he remained on the scene for questioning.  A traffic citation was not issued.  The driver of the vehicle described the pedestrian as running across the street from south to north when the accident took place.


Frequency of Tucson Pedestrian Fatal Accidents


There have been 7 pedestrian deaths as a result of car accidents this year.   This is less than last year.  However, it is still alarming that these accidents are occurring during the day where the driver is not impaired.  It is unfortunate that some of our drivers and pedestrians have suffered the same fate.  This kind of incident is not atypical in Arizona or in the rest of the country.   In fact, more than 4,700 pedestrians lost their lives last year.  Pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely to die as compared to those who occupy a vehicle.


Tucson Pedestrian Injury Attorneys Advocating for You


A pedestrian accident will most likely leave a person with permanent injuries, or it can lead to the person’s death.  Remember that a pedestrian has the right of way whether the crosswalk is marked or not, just as long as the pedestrian is crossing properly.  At Lara Law Firm, we handle pedestrian cases that became wrongful death claims. The responsible party (even the government) must be held accountable for the negligent acts that take the lives of our citizens.  Please contact our office if you have any questions about your case.