Automated Vehicle Laws and Safety

automated vehicles

Are Automated Vehicles Safe?

The first thing that comes to mind when automatic vehicles are discussed is their safety.  According to the studies conducted thus far, automated vehicles are in less accidents than the vehicles that we drive.  However, the thought of numerous automated vehicles traveling on our streets and highways is a shocking image for most of us.  A high count of these vehicles traveling alongside our vehicles, and malfunctioning street lights and sensors, may cause car accidents and injuries.  This new technology opens a new industry and a new wave of legal claims and lawsuits for defective products.  Also, the reaction to emergency situations is unknown at this point because it is likely that a human will react in a more reasonable manner to an emergency (robbery, storm, objects falling from other vehicles) than a computer.

Counties and cities will be responsible for maintaining sensors and street lights and signs that these vehicles will read.  One has to wonder if a personal injury claim and lawsuit against a government entity will be filed as a result of negligent maintenance of a street traffic light.


What Laws Apply to Automated Vehicles?


Some states have already begun to define what an automated vehicle is an how it can regulated.  The automated vehicle laws will have to be standardized at some point since the we typically cross city, county, and federal lands while driving to our jobs or to family members’ homes.  Google and other companies have made significant progress toward placing these vehicles on our roads.  If they are successful, the drivers will be liable for their actions while they are actually driving the vehicles.

The software companies and manufacturers may be liable for accidents caused by their vehicles while the driver is not engaged in driving.  Lastly, the drivers will have to report to the Motor Vehicle Department when they disengage their driving and the vehicle becomes self-operating.  The liability may be joint in some states between the driver and the software company and manufacturer, and the liability will be separate and severable in Arizona (between the driver/software company/manufacturer.  It will be interesting to see if a jury will place liability on a driver that “could have and should have” regained control over the automated vehicle before it caused an accident.


The three States that have tackled insurance requirements for automated vehicles have required a $5 million insurance policy or a $5 million deposit for proof of financial responsibility.  This amount is meant to cover possible liabilities for damage to persons and/or property from the use of an automated vehicle.


When Will Completely Automated Vehicles be Accessible to Consumers?

Fully self-driving automated vehicles are not available at this time.  But, the constant improvements in technology will make semi-autonomous vehicles fully automatic in the near future.  The U.S. Department of Transportation should make these manufacturers report their test results and their failures before these vehicles are placed on the road.


Understanding Neck Injuries Sustained in Auto Accidents

 Understanding Neck Injuries Sustained in Auto Accident

Understanding Neck Injuries Sustained in Auto Accidents

Getting injured in an accident can be a life changing experience.  When you suffer from neck injuries due to car collisions, it might range from minor, to serious and can be even fatal.  There are many individuals who are the victims of car accidents have to cope with the outcome of serious neck injury.


Years of medical treatment may be needed after a serious auto collision

Suffering from neck and the spine injuries can be physically and emotionally exhausting that requires years of medical treatment, a number of surgeries, and even rehabilitation programs.  There are instances where the vehicle collision victims never get the chance to recover, making daily lifestyle challenging and difficult.  Hence, an experienced and a qualified legal attorney may be needed in order to protect your interests in a car accident where it was someone else’s fault.


A personal injury attorney can help you to claim your entitled compensation

When you get in touch with a reliable personal injury attorney, a free consultation will be scheduled at your convenience.  Your case will be discussed after investigating the circumstances of the accident and thereby present to you the best legal outcome.  Our goal is to help you with recover the maximum financial compensation that you are entitled to.  Understanding neck injuries sustained in auto accidents is essential to getting the proper medical care and eventually the compensation for your pain and suffering.


What can a car collision do to your neck?

During a serious car accident, there is a forceful impact.  Thus, there is a real threat to the integrity of your spine and neck.  The spine features a wide number of nerve fibers, carrying the signals to and from the brain.  It is one of the most delicate parts of our bodies.  Hence, when there is an injury, your different body parts and organ functions can get affected after the whiplash or ligament injuries.


Long term outcome of an auto collision

The long term effects of neck and spine injuries can require an ongoing program  of medical care and attention.  Moreover, you may also suffer from your ability to work in terms of the wages lost, or even the loss of employment, or career.  Auto collisions can completely transform your life, from leading an active life to being restricted to a wheelchair or being bed ridden.


Get in touch with a legal expert today

The neck injuries are commonly caused by someone else’s negligence who is involved in the car collision.   The person at fault might have to make the compensation to the victim.  This is where a Tucson auto injury lawyer can help you with your claim and to resolve your lawsuit and in understanding neck injuries sustained in auto accidents.


Accidents Caused by Pokemon Go Players and Trespassing in Arizona


Accidents Caused by Pokemon Go Players

Pokemon go has been linked to accidents, muggings, and even a fatal motor vehicle collision. In one case one motorist ran into a police car. In another case, a motorist crashed while collecting virtual Pokemons and suffered a single vehicle collision injury. Pokemon go has also been used to rob others or to lure others into unsafe places of cities.


Trespassing in Arizona While Playing Pokémon


Trespassing is common with this application in Arizona. Pokemon go players will go into private residences, or even government establishments, to collect these virtual animals.


Insurance Coverage for Pokemon Go Accidents


One Bank in Russia has offered insurance coverage for Pokemon go related incidents. This insurance covers any accidents that a Pokemon application user may have while he or she is walking and suffers an injury on another’s premise.


pokemon claims

Lawsuits for accidents caused by Pokemon Go Players


This application is inherently dangerous and lawsuits are expected to be filed against the corporation that owns Pokemon Go. Motorists will also be sued when they are using this application and they cause an accident. Cell phone use while driving is inherently dangerous and this new game will cause more accidents in a city that is already plaged with a staggering number of car accidents.  Keep others from using this game and remove it from your phone if you cannot stay away from playing cell phone games while using your car.


Potential lawsuits against Pokémon players will involve the request for cell phone records.  Subpoenas can be issued against the telephone companies that keep a log off all cell phone activity relating to the accidents caused by Pokemon Go players.  We of a cell phone will be deemed negligence per se in Tucson since we now have laws against the use of cellular phones while driving.

Three Major Dental Injuries as a Result of Auto Accidents

dental injuries

Three major dental injuries as a result of auto accidents


Injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident can range from minor to fatal.  Dental injuries are common; and as a DC personal injury lawyer might attest, thousands of drivers and passengers suffer dental injuries from motor vehicle accidents every year.


Causes of dental injuries in motor vehicle accidents

In the short one or two seconds of a motor vehicle crash, both internal and external risks may cause direct dental injuries. Just some of those internal risks involve:

  • Seats
  • Dashboards
  • Air bags
  • Personal property within the vehicle
  • Glass fragments


Dental injuries might also result without any trauma to the mouth, known as indirect dental injuries.  Many whiplash victims seek treatment for dental injuries as a result of auto accidents; injuries may include:

  • Loss of teeth: When a tooth is knocked out because of trauma and is completely removed from its socket, it’s said to be avulsed.  Whether a tooth or teeth get avulsed largely depends on the nature and magnitude of the impact.  Higher speeds usually increase the risk of at least one avulsed tooth. A favorable prognosis might exist if the lost tooth is replanted within an hour.
  • Fractured teeth: For the most part, dental fractures will require treatment by a dentist.  Teeth are composed of three layers: enamel, dentin and pulp. The least serious fracture is an Ellis I fracture when the enamel is broken.  An Ellis II fracture extends beyond the enamel and into the dentin layer. With an Ellis III fracture, the tooth is broken all the way down to the pulp.  A serious fracture would likely require an extraction and implant. Less serious fractures like chips are usually treated with fillings or bonding.
  • Temporomandibular joint injuries: The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) attaches your lower jaw to your skull. It’s the most frequently used joint in the body. We use it to talk, chew, yawn and laugh.  When a TMJ injury occurs, the victim probably suffers jaw joint and facial pain.


Other symptoms of TMJ may include:

  • Headaches
  • Pain inside of one or both ears
  • Ringing in one or both of the ears
  • Grinding pain when chewing
  • Pain at the top of the neck


A dentist’s treatment of a TMJ disorder most likely involves a custom fitted temporary dental appliance to be worn around the house and while sleeping.  Surgery is only required in a small minority of TMJ cases.


People who have suffered dental injuries in motor vehicle accidents that were the fault of somebody else might be able to seek compensation.  Issues may arise with chipped teeth, as a liability insurer might believe dental treatment to be nothing more than cosmetic dentistry.  However, according to the American Association of Endodontists, chipped teeth are the most common dental injuries in motor vehicle accidents.  Insurers may also be skeptical about TMJ injuries, especially if there was no direct trauma to the mouth involved.


If there’s any indication of a dental injury after an accident, you may want to seek immediate dental treatment.  The longer that a person waits for treatment, it is likely easier for the other side’s insurer to argue that the dental injuries were caused by something other than a motor vehicle accident.


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Thanks to our friends and co-contributors from Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for their added insight into car accident and personal injury practice.

Choosing Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages

Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages Tucson

Choosing Your Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages Wisely


None of us ever want to be involved in a car accident, much less to be stuck with paying a hospital bill.  However, to be sure that you are properly covered by insurance in case of an accident, you can check your Declarations Page.  This document will show you how much auto insurance coverages you have on your car.  First, the third party coverages describe how much money your auto insurance has to pay the other driver, or pedestrian, in case that you are the one at fault for the collision.  In Arizona, these amounts are typically $15,000 per person / $30,000.00 per accident, or $30,000.00 per person / $60,000.00 per accident, and so on.  These policies are referred to as “15/30” or “30/60” policies, and they increase to “50/100,” “100/300,” and to higher amounts.


Underinsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Arizona


A auto insurance coverage often overlooked by our Arizona drivers is that of Underinsured Motorist or Uninsured Motorist policies.  These policies do what their names imply, they cover you and your passengers for any accident where the third party policy is not sufficient (underinsured motorist, or “UIM”) or the policy covers you and your loved ones if the other driver was not insured (uninsured motorist coverage, or “UM”).  Typically, the amount of the monthly premium increase is only $25 to $45.  Thus, while this amount may seem to be excessive, it certainly helps you a lot in a State where 5 to 10% of all drivers choose to drive with no auto insurance at all, and in a State where 70% of drivers choose to buy the most minimal insurance policy available under the law.  (Note: Arizona has one of the lowest minimal coverages in the country; compare and New Mexico at 25/50, and Alaska at 50/100.)  As such, spending a little more on better auto insurance coverages will give you a peace of mind that you and your family will be better protected in the event of an auto collision.


Uninsured motorist coverage is interesting because it “follows you.”  For example, if you are walking across the road inside the pedestrian crosswalk and you are hit by a vehicle (assuming that the driver of the vehicle is at fault and he or she is not insured), the uninsured motorist policy of YOUR CAR will cover your claim of personal injuries.  This claim can include a claim for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.


arizona insurance policiesMedical Payments Coverage in Arizona


Another coverage that is now avoided by some auto insurance salespersons is medical payments (often called “medpay”). Medpay is more affordable than UM or UIM, and it covers any medical expenses up to the amount purchased regardless of fault.  This means that if you purchase a medpay policy of $50,000.00 and you lose control of your vehicle after you fall asleep, your medpay will still pay your hospital bills up to $50,000.00.  In Arizona, you can even use your health insurance and medpay at the same time.  These are items to take into account when choosing your Arizona auto insurance coverages at an insurance broker’s office.


Defenses to the Use of Medpay in Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages


The only defense that insurance adjustors put up after the presentation of a medpay claim is that the “medical treatment is not related to, or was not warranted by, the accident injuries.”  This argument can be easily defeated by providing a copy of the medical records and itemized billing statements with ICD10 codes.  These records and codes show exactly why you were treated following a car accident.


Any Questions on Arizona Auto Insurance Coverages?


You may call our office for any questions that you may have about Arizona auto insurance.  It is also important to stack as many policies as possible.  This means that you may collect from several policies rather than just one.  This will allow you to get compensated in full for your injuries and your losses.


We will gladly accept any referrals that you may have from your friends and family.  We are a local business that treats clients on a one to one basis. We have helped hundreds of injury victims in the last few years and we appreciate our connection with the local residents.


Remember to drive safe, don’t use your phone, and please stop others from driving and drinking.


Pedestrian Was Killed Crossing 22nd Street in Tucson

accident near church's chicken in Tucson Arizona

Man Was Struck in Street Near Bus Lane

The Tucson Police Department is investigating an accident where a pedestrian was killed while crossing East 22nd Street.  The accident occurred right across the Church’s Chicken located at 3970 East 22nd Street in Tucson, Arizona.  Mr. Pedregon was close to the bus lane, where vehicles are not allowed to travel, when he was struck by a 1973 Ford F-150.  The truck was traveling eastbound on East 22nd Street at the time of the collision.  Mr. Pedregon was taken to Banner University Medical Center.  Unfortunately, the doctors at UMC could not save his life.   Mr. Pedregon succumbed to his injuries less than an hour after his arrival to the hospital.

Fatal Hit-and-Run Collision with Pedestrian

Despite incorrect initial reports, the driver did leave the scene and parked his vehicle close to the Fry’s Food And Drug Store gas station located at 7050 East 22nd Street.  The driver came back to the scene of the accident after more than 15 minutes and the pedestrian did not receive emergency medical assistance during that time.  The driver of the truck has not yet been cited for the hit-and-run. Nevertheless, it is against the law to fail to control your vehicle to avoid an accident.  Hence, there may be a legal theory to sue the driver in this case.

Victim’s Family Was Contacted Soon After Pedestrian Was Killed

Mr. Pedregon is survived by his wife and his four siblings.  He was married just 5 years before the accident.  Mr. Pedregon’s family was contacted that same day on Saturday, July 30, 2016, within an hour of the accident, and they were told about the tragic accident.  The accident is still under investigation at this time by the Tucson Police Department.  All witnesses should contact the Tucson Police Department to help law enforcement determine the cause of the accident.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

Arizona truck failuresCauses of Trucking Accidents


It is important to determine the causes of trucking accidents in Arizona.  This will help you reach the right parties and witnesses to testify in court.  The cause of the accident helps the jury attribute fault among the defendants.  The Plaintiff will not have to share any of the responsibility for the accident if the proper preparation and presentation is made to a jury.


Employer Negligence in Arizona


Truck companies may not be following the regulations imposed by the law and may be breaching industry safety standards.  As a result, accidents may ensue and injuries to countless victims may occur.  The company records and employment handbook can reveal the flaws under which the company may be operating.


This information can be subpoenaed or requested from one of the parties to litigation.

Tucson Injured Drivers


Injured truck drivers may also sue after an accident.  While it may seem that the driver should bear all the responsibility for the crash, other factors may have contributed or may have caused the accident altogether.  Improper equipment or truck parts may have caused the truck to malfunction, and the truck driver must protect himself from the negligence of others that caused his injuries.


Jackknifing Accidents in Arizona Highways


Jackknifing accidents refers to truck accidents where the bed of the truck spins around and faces backwards.  These accidents may be caused by negligent braking, or defective equipment, or equipment malfunction.  When a commercial truck jackknifes, its bed will swing across the highway, causing collisions with other vehicles or congesting the freeway.


Trailers should be equipped with anti-jackknifing devises that limit the angle to which a trailer can swing.  Victims of jackknifing accidents are entitled to take their injuries to make a claim and to have their case heard by a jury in court.  Call us at 520-577-0707 if you have any questions about the causes of trucking accidents and your recourse.


Tucson Trucking Accidents

Tucson truck accident lawyersTucson Trucking Accidents


Collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles typically lead to serious injury or death.  There are more than 400,000 accidents involving large trucks every year. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) disclosed that in the year 2009, there were more than 3,000 deaths involving truck accidents.  The next year, 1,000 more fatalities were reported.  Tucson trucking accidents are common due to the great transportation capacities that this city processes every year through our freeway system.


Catastrophic and even fatal accidents occur every day throughout the United States and Arizona.  Negligent truck drivers and their companies need to be held responsible for their actions because accident victims suffer tremendously.


In the case of improper maintenance or defective products, truck drivers themselves may be injured or killed without any negligence of their own.  In any event, we can review the facts of the case and begin a claim on your behalf.


Who’s Responsible for Tucson trucking accidents?


It is important to review all the facts of the case to determine who may be held liable for your injuries.  The driver and the company who hired the driver may be liable.  Further, any company that failed to maintain the truck may be responsible for the payment of your losses.  Lastly, the company that manufactured the parts that caused the accident may also be sued if there is an indication that the component led to a malfunction and to the accident.


The log books, company records, and the electronic on-board recorders can reveal much information about the accident.  Further, witnesses, police reports, notes from the emergency personnel, and the report from law enforcement can help us find useful information in your case.  This information can also lead us to the right people to interview or to the experts who can download and interpret data from the truck.


The following individuals or entities may be held liable in your truck injury case:

  • The truck driver.  For failing to conduct pre-driving inspections, for driving too fast, for making illegal or unsafe turns and passes, for failing to brake, for driving drowsy or under the effects of medication, or for not securing loads.  These are some examples of negligent driving or negligent actions prior to driving.  However, some truck drivers have even been stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol or even conducting illegal activities while under the scope of their employment.
  • The trucking company who hired the driver.  Truck companies can be held responsible for your injuries if they fail to conduct proper background checks of the drivers.  This is so because a proper employment application should check for a current CDL, a driving history, medical conditions, criminal history, and employment background.  Truck companies should also make sure that their trucks are in a good condition and that they have the proper equipment in case of an emergency.
  • Truck manufacturer: The commercial truck may be dangerous from the time that it is first put on the road if it does not have the proper gear.  The components such as the tires, brakes, hydraulics and lights, may be defectively manufactured and may cause an accident.


Our Work In Tucson Trucking Accidents


You can be assured that we will handle every case with the most diligent manner.  We will conduct interviews, depositions, discovery, and compel the production of documents that the defendant does not want to produce.  All of this pre-trial work allows us to be ready to try Tucson trucking accidents before a jury if the defendant’s insurance company does not want to settle for a fair amount.


Our clients deserve fair and full compensation so that they may rebuild their lives after a tragic accident.  Call our truck accident attorneys for a free consultation at 520-577-0707.

Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tucson motor vehicle accidentsTucson Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney


Every day we hear car accident reports on the radio and on television.  Our dependence on our vehicles and public transportation creates the danger of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Car accidents can lead to serious injuries, hospitalization, lost time from work, and even permanent injuries that may have to endure throughout the rest of your life.  Tucson motor vehicle accidents occur too frequently and have lasting injuries on the innocent victims.


Help for those injured after Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents?


If you have been victimized in an accident of any kind, it is in your best interests to have a personal injury attorney handle your claim.  An attorney can take the stress away from dealing with insurance companies and handling a lawsuit on your own.


At the Lara Law Firm, we know that victims who suffer in a car accident will lose time from their schedule, and may even lose their jobs as a result of their injuries.  As such, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the most compensation as possible so that they may recover in all aspects of their life.  Some of the accidents that we have been able to help injury victims with include the following:


Types of Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Tucson Motorcycle Accidents: Accidents that involve the use of a motorcycle can leave a rider seriously injured due to the small build of the bike and the great force of a passenger vehicle.  Typical injuries to a motorcycle rider include broken bones, brain damage, and serious bodily harm that usually requires physical therapy to cure.
  • Tucson Bus Accidents:  Bus accidents may cause harm to the passengers, to pedestrians, other vehicles on the road; the damage from these accidents can be catastrophic.  Many times these accidents involve school children.  Due to the great harm caused by these accidents, and the large number of potential claimants, it is wise to retain legal counsel quickly.
  • Tucson ATV Accidents: In the rural areas of Arizona, ATVs are a common source of recreation.  Nevertheless, these vehicles have caused injuries and even death to its riders.  These vehicles are dangerous even to those that know how to operate them well.  Injured parties may make a claim against the manufacturer if the design was defective.  Passengers may also use the driver if they were injured by his or her negligent driving.
  • Boat Accidents: Not every motor vehicle accident occurs on the roadways.  In fact, waterways are just as prone to serious and debilitating accidents.  Boats do not steer as easily, do not have a car’s braking system and are often operated by those who are not properly trained.  This can result in serious accidents that can cause debilitating injuries to the victims.
  • Tucson Truck Accidents: Commercial trucks can cause serious injuries and even multiple deaths from a single collision.  Large commercial trucks are common in Arizona highways are roads, and distracted or tired drivers can cause great damage to other motorists.  Also, lack of proper training or supervision can lead to devastating injuries.  Other causes for accidents may also be created by defective equipment or poor maintenance of the truck.


Call us if you have any questions.  We always refer callers to other attorneys if our law firm is not an ideal match for your case.

How to Improve the Value of Your Injury Claim in Arizona

Improve the Value of Your Injury Claim in Arizona Arizona

How to Improve the Value of Your Injury Claim


Treat with Experienced Doctors and Obtain the Proper Diagnostic Tests

Receiving medical care for your injuries from an experienced doctor is extremely important. Not all doctors have the experience needed to treat accident victims. Additionally, not all doctors are willing to wait until your claim is resolved for the payment of their bill.  Read this article to learn how to improve the value of your injury claim in Arizona.


Secure All Evidence of Your Losses


It is important that you understand that collecting and securing certain evidence after an accident is critical on serious injury cases. Thus, it is in your best interest to always secure the evidence, quickly. If there are any eye witnesses to the accident, make sure a “private investigator” tracks down those witnesses and obtains a statement.  Photographs of bruises, scars, vehicles and property damage should be obtained. The collection of these types of evidence can improve the value of a case. If you need help call our law office.


Document Injuries and Changes in Your Life


The more detailed documentation of one’s injuries and damages the better for the claim. You need to have detailed medical narratives, records and documentation from your treating doctors and your experts to improve the value of your case. For a detailed explanation of what is needed, contact our attorney.


Do Not Have Gaps in Treatment


Some insurers may encourage the victim to postpone seeking medical attention or treatment. This in turn can negatively affect the value of a case as well as cause medical issues for the victim.


improve the value of your case

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders and Take the Prescriptions


Follow your treating doctor’s advice. If the doctor tells you to come in for treatment three days a week, but you can only go once a week, you may lessen the efficiency of the treatment and reduce the value of the case. It is important to understand that when it comes time for the insurance company to evaluate your claim they may contend that if you were truly injured, you would have followed your doctor’s recommendations and you would have made your appointments. For more information call our office.



You may also want to consider these tips in “knowing” your case:

  • Keep Notes of all “Pain and Suffering”: A diary can be one of the most effective pieces of evidence of your pain and suffering claim. A daily diary can help document and provide an accurate account of one’s injuries and pain. However, if you fail to document all of your pains or you include unrelated or incorrect information, diaries can be a disaster. Call our office and we can explain to you in detail how to best proceed.
  • Do Not Discuss Your Case With The Insurance Company:  The only people you should ever, I repeat ever speak to about your claim, is your attorney or your doctor.  You never know if an off handed comment can and will be used against you at a later date. Call our law office, we will work to protect you and your rights.  Knowing your case does not mean sharing all of the information that you have with the insurance company immediately after the accident.


Call Us to Help You Improve the Value of Your Injury Claim in Arizona


We are confident that if you follow these suggestions you can increase the value of your personal injury claim.  You deserve to recover the proper amount of compensation for your pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses and lost wages.  If you have been injured in an accident, give us a call and we can be of assistance to you.  You may also call us if you have any questions on how to improve the value of your injury claim in Arizona.