Tucson Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

nursing home negligenceNursing Home Abuse 


There are many reports of neglect and abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the country.  These homes are regulated by state agencies, but there is little supervision in these homes.  Protect your loved ones by searching for a respected and well-known nursing home or assisted living facility that you can trust.  Severe injuries have been reported at Tucson nursing homes including third degree burns that led to the injury of the victim.


Common Signs for Elder Abuse in Tucson Nursing Homes


The elderly living at nursing homes or assisted living facilities cannot defend themselves or protect themselves from the neglect or abuse that may occur within the building.  You have to be careful and watch for signs of abuse.  The most common warning signs of abuse in a nursing homes or assisted living facility include the following:

  • Unexplained injuries;
  • Restraint marks on wrists;
  • Malnutrition / dehydration;
  • Sudden loss of weight;
  • Unsanitary residents or conditions;
  • Improperly maintained living facilities; and
  • Unexplained withdrawals from financial accounts


Sometimes the abuse is presented in the form of financial loss.  Residents’ accounts may be debited without their consent, or their accounts may be overcharged.


Why Hire A Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer?


Unfortunately, abuse at these facilities is common throughout the United States.  Victims may suffer from physical violence, emotional abuse, financial exploitation or even sexual abuse.  If you believe that your loved one has suffered at the unscrupulous hands of another contact a Tucson personal injury lawyer.  Our attorneys will help you make a claim against the nursing home or assisted living facility.


The Lara Law Firm knows how damaging nursing home abuse can be and we are prepared to stand up and fight for the injured residents.