Proper Auto Insurance Coverage Before an Accident

proper auto insurance in Arizona

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Getting Proper Auto Insurance Before a Collision

Nobody wants to be injured in a collision, but the reality is that Phoenix and Tucson have too many accidents every single day.  The odds of being involved in an accident are high if you have a regular job from Monday to Friday and you commute to work.  As such, it is important to pay a little more in insurance premiums than to be stuck with a ton of medical bills to pay after an accident.  The Arizona legislature has recognized this problem and may change that problem this year.  Currently (as of February 2017), Arizona has a $15,000 / $30,000 minimum insurance limits.  The Arizona legislature will vote to see if we can increase that limit to $25,000 / $30,000.

The Problem of Low Auto Insurance Limits in Arizona

Our neighbors in New Mexico have the $25,000 per person / $30,000 for 2 people or more limits in place.  Arizona’s limits are too low and they have not been changed since 1972.  If we think about inflation and the rising cost of medical care and hospital visits to the emergency room, then the change should take place soon.  However, as always, there are opponents to the change in legislation who think that an increase in the rates of insurance will leave many people uninsured and with more penalties to pay after they are cited with no mandatory insurance.  Nevertheless, the problem of low insurance limits leads some injured victims with hospital bills that cannot be paid and without proper medical care after a collision.  The hospital liens for medical care will frequently exceed the $15,000 limit and those without proper health insurance are left with no compensation and a collections bill.

What Insurance to Buy Before an Accident

The proper insurance to buy before an accident includes:

  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Underinsured motorist coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Rental insurance
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • *Personal Injury Protection (this may have a different name in your State)
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Life Insurance (some insurance companies have this type of coverage available in addition to accidental death insurance)

These types of insurance coverage will add to your monthly premiums, but they protect you and your family in this world of accidents and injuries.  I have met injured parties and families who have lost their businesses, their jobs, and even their family dynamics after an accident.  Inform yourself and meet with a competent insurance agent who will give you all of these options at a good rate.  Nobody wants to write a Last Will and Testament and nobody wants to think about an accident or life insurance, but these policies can make the difference between securing your family’s future and the downfall of your family’s well being.

Bad Driving Habits on Arizona Roads

 clash of two cars at the crossroads

Bad Driving Habits and Consequences on Arizona Roads


Bad driving habits have severe consequences in Arizona. Cell phone use, distracted driving, drunk driving and driving while drinking have taken their toll on Arizona residents. Some drivers have even started driving while using the Pokemon Go game application. These accidents lead to injuries, deaths, and lawsuits for car accident related injuries. Those who have been injured in an accident due to another person’s bad driving habits often retain a lawyer so that their medical bills and pain and suffering can be paid by the other driver’s insurance company.


Bad Driving Habits of Arizona Drivers


It is unfortunate that many accidents and driving mistakes are due to bad driving habits such as driving while distracted, driving carelessly or recklessly, and driving aggressively.

  • Distracted Driving – Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of roadway injuries in Arizona roadways today. In 2013, distracted driving resulted in the death of 370 people in Arizona. Driving a motor vehicle requires a person’s complete attention without taking on other tasks. Yet many drivers are distracted by things such as using a radio, eating, talking or texting on cell phones, or talking to a passenger. People are less observant and make more driving mistakes when not completely focused on driving.
  • Carelessness Driving – Besides distraction, auto accidents can be caused by careless driving habits. These actions include poor observation, failure to obey traffic and safety laws, drinking while driving (open container), and basic driver inattention to changing road conditions. Some drivers race through yellow lights, fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, or do not yield the right of way especially when turning left.
  • Aggressive Driving – There are many different types of aggressive driving behavior that lead to accidents and injuries according to experienced accident lawyers. Some such behaviors include: following too closely or tailgating; weaving in and out of traffic lanes; speeding; and ignoring warning signs. Speeding-related accidents alone cost our society over $40 billion dollars every year.


Consequences of Bad Driving Habits in Arizona


Bad driving habits lead to accidents that can cause serious injury and death. Attorneys who are experienced in accident claims help their clients receive compensation for accident-related injuries. Drivers who exhibit the poor driving habits listed above are often found to be responsible for accidents and injuries resulting from those accidents. The consequences of such actions could result in traffic citations, loss of driver’s license, and fines. On the civil action side, there may be other consequences to face such as a lawsuit to compensate victims who were injured because of the accident in question.


Breaking Bad Habits for Better AZ Road Safety


The key to safe driving is to break bad driving habits and be safe while operating a motor vehicle. It requires paying attention to all driving regulations while avoiding careless or distracted behavior. Drivers who form bad habits can also form good ones.


Behavior modification such as staying focused and being attentive when driving can drastically reduce the risk of accidents.


Most drivers are honest citizens who try to drive safely and follow good driving habits. When mistakes do happen, there are experienced accident lawyers to help victims receive compensation for their injuries. If you have been involved in an accident resulting from another driver’s bad driving habits, seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in handling such cases. Most importantly, avoid developing any bad driving habits that can lead to car accidents.


Severe Crash at North Silverbell Road

crash north silverbell

Severe Crash at North Silverbell Road, Marana


Three people were injured in a crash at North Silverbell Road near Coachline Boulevard when a Nissan SUV went past a red traffic signal striking a Honda sedan.  The SUV was driven by an elderly gentleman, and the Honda was occupied by a couple in their mid 20s.  The names of the drivers were not released, but the injuries that were sustained in the crash at North Silverbell Road were severe enough to report the incident in the local Tucson news.  All three persons involved in the incident were transported to the hospital.


Accident with severe injuries reported in Marana


The Northwest Fire District Department responded to the accident.   The three individuals were deemed to be in a stable condition once they arrived at the hospital.  The Marana Police Department responded to the scene and cleared the vehicles from the street.   The victims of the accident presented common injuries seen in a t-bone collision.


Commonly Sustained Injuries in T-Bone Accidents


T-bone accidents typically present major injuries including head trauma, head fractures, broken bones, TBI (traumatic brain injuries), or even amputation of a limb, or death.  The severe damage caused by these accidents can leave a permanent negative effect in the car accident victim’s life.  Further, occupant injury is more likely to be severe in this type of an accident, as compared to a rear-ended collision or a side swipe. The intensity of the collision depends on factors such as speed, and vehicle weight and construction. Both vehicles will frequently be turned from their original directions of travel as in this case.  The crash at North Silverbell Road is a typical example of a t-bone collision with severe injuries.


In any case involving serious injury, please call our office.  We have handled hundreds of cases such as the one described above.

Pedestrian Was Killed Crossing 22nd Street in Tucson

accident near church's chicken in Tucson Arizona

Man Was Struck in Street Near Bus Lane

The Tucson Police Department is investigating an accident where a pedestrian was killed while crossing East 22nd Street.  The accident occurred right across the Church’s Chicken located at 3970 East 22nd Street in Tucson, Arizona.  Mr. Pedregon was close to the bus lane, where vehicles are not allowed to travel, when he was struck by a 1973 Ford F-150.  The truck was traveling eastbound on East 22nd Street at the time of the collision.  Mr. Pedregon was taken to Banner University Medical Center.  Unfortunately, the doctors at UMC could not save his life.   Mr. Pedregon succumbed to his injuries less than an hour after his arrival to the hospital.

Fatal Hit-and-Run Collision with Pedestrian

Despite incorrect initial reports, the driver did leave the scene and parked his vehicle close to the Fry’s Food And Drug Store gas station located at 7050 East 22nd Street.  The driver came back to the scene of the accident after more than 15 minutes and the pedestrian did not receive emergency medical assistance during that time.  The driver of the truck has not yet been cited for the hit-and-run. Nevertheless, it is against the law to fail to control your vehicle to avoid an accident.  Hence, there may be a legal theory to sue the driver in this case.

Victim’s Family Was Contacted Soon After Pedestrian Was Killed

Mr. Pedregon is survived by his wife and his four siblings.  He was married just 5 years before the accident.  Mr. Pedregon’s family was contacted that same day on Saturday, July 30, 2016, within an hour of the accident, and they were told about the tragic accident.  The accident is still under investigation at this time by the Tucson Police Department.  All witnesses should contact the Tucson Police Department to help law enforcement determine the cause of the accident.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

Arizona truck failuresCauses of Trucking Accidents


It is important to determine the causes of trucking accidents in Arizona.  This will help you reach the right parties and witnesses to testify in court.  The cause of the accident helps the jury attribute fault among the defendants.  The Plaintiff will not have to share any of the responsibility for the accident if the proper preparation and presentation is made to a jury.


Employer Negligence in Arizona


Truck companies may not be following the regulations imposed by the law and may be breaching industry safety standards.  As a result, accidents may ensue and injuries to countless victims may occur.  The company records and employment handbook can reveal the flaws under which the company may be operating.


This information can be subpoenaed or requested from one of the parties to litigation.

Tucson Injured Drivers


Injured truck drivers may also sue after an accident.  While it may seem that the driver should bear all the responsibility for the crash, other factors may have contributed or may have caused the accident altogether.  Improper equipment or truck parts may have caused the truck to malfunction, and the truck driver must protect himself from the negligence of others that caused his injuries.


Jackknifing Accidents in Arizona Highways


Jackknifing accidents refers to truck accidents where the bed of the truck spins around and faces backwards.  These accidents may be caused by negligent braking, or defective equipment, or equipment malfunction.  When a commercial truck jackknifes, its bed will swing across the highway, causing collisions with other vehicles or congesting the freeway.


Trailers should be equipped with anti-jackknifing devises that limit the angle to which a trailer can swing.  Victims of jackknifing accidents are entitled to take their injuries to make a claim and to have their case heard by a jury in court.  Call us at 520-577-0707 if you have any questions about the causes of trucking accidents and your recourse.


Tucson Trucking Accidents

Tucson truck accident lawyersTucson Trucking Accidents


Collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles typically lead to serious injury or death.  There are more than 400,000 accidents involving large trucks every year. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) disclosed that in the year 2009, there were more than 3,000 deaths involving truck accidents.  The next year, 1,000 more fatalities were reported.  Tucson trucking accidents are common due to the great transportation capacities that this city processes every year through our freeway system.


Catastrophic and even fatal accidents occur every day throughout the United States and Arizona.  Negligent truck drivers and their companies need to be held responsible for their actions because accident victims suffer tremendously.


In the case of improper maintenance or defective products, truck drivers themselves may be injured or killed without any negligence of their own.  In any event, we can review the facts of the case and begin a claim on your behalf.


Who’s Responsible for Tucson trucking accidents?


It is important to review all the facts of the case to determine who may be held liable for your injuries.  The driver and the company who hired the driver may be liable.  Further, any company that failed to maintain the truck may be responsible for the payment of your losses.  Lastly, the company that manufactured the parts that caused the accident may also be sued if there is an indication that the component led to a malfunction and to the accident.


The log books, company records, and the electronic on-board recorders can reveal much information about the accident.  Further, witnesses, police reports, notes from the emergency personnel, and the report from law enforcement can help us find useful information in your case.  This information can also lead us to the right people to interview or to the experts who can download and interpret data from the truck.


The following individuals or entities may be held liable in your truck injury case:

  • The truck driver.  For failing to conduct pre-driving inspections, for driving too fast, for making illegal or unsafe turns and passes, for failing to brake, for driving drowsy or under the effects of medication, or for not securing loads.  These are some examples of negligent driving or negligent actions prior to driving.  However, some truck drivers have even been stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol or even conducting illegal activities while under the scope of their employment.
  • The trucking company who hired the driver.  Truck companies can be held responsible for your injuries if they fail to conduct proper background checks of the drivers.  This is so because a proper employment application should check for a current CDL, a driving history, medical conditions, criminal history, and employment background.  Truck companies should also make sure that their trucks are in a good condition and that they have the proper equipment in case of an emergency.
  • Truck manufacturer: The commercial truck may be dangerous from the time that it is first put on the road if it does not have the proper gear.  The components such as the tires, brakes, hydraulics and lights, may be defectively manufactured and may cause an accident.


Our Work In Tucson Trucking Accidents


You can be assured that we will handle every case with the most diligent manner.  We will conduct interviews, depositions, discovery, and compel the production of documents that the defendant does not want to produce.  All of this pre-trial work allows us to be ready to try Tucson trucking accidents before a jury if the defendant’s insurance company does not want to settle for a fair amount.


Our clients deserve fair and full compensation so that they may rebuild their lives after a tragic accident.  Call our truck accident attorneys for a free consultation at 520-577-0707.

Tucson Drowning Accidents

drowning and pool accidentsPool and Drowning  Accidents


Deaths and injuries have been reported by law enforcement and the media every year during the summer in Arizona.  Swimming pools are a potential safety hazard, especially for children, and it is important to take all necessary precautions to avoid drowning accidents.  You must keep your private pool supervised by an adult at all times.


Accidents in Public Pools


At a public pool, you can always make sure that there is a certified lifeguard caring for the patrons.  In case of any drowning injury, the lifeguard and the pool owner may be held liable for their negligence and the resulting damages.  This Tucson law firm is ready to file a personal injury claim or a lawsuit for any drowning accident.  Just call us for a free and completely confidential consultation.


Drowning Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Tucson


If you, or a family member, were injured because of a drowning accident that took place at a pool you can contact our law firm for help.  By becoming our client, you can be confident that our firm will use all of our resources in order to get the case results that you deserve.


The majority of drowning accidents are caused because of the negligence of a third party, or even the home owner.  Negligent behavior can lead to the death of a young child.  When the child does not lose his or her life, tremendous medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering is nevertheless incurred.  If your child or a loved one has been injured in a pool or a drowning accident we will represent you to fight for all that you deserve.


Contact a Tucson Attorney Today


It is important to contact a Tucson attorney soon after a pool accident to ensure the preservation of all evidence in your case. The moment a death or serious accident is reported, insurance companies deploy their team of professional investigators to analyze the pool accident, and generate a defense for the person who caused the death of the minor.  We only handle wrongful death cases on a contingency basis, which means that you do not owe any fees unless we obtain compensation on your behalf.


You won’t have to repay us (through an insurance fund), unless we win your case.  For more information on how a skilled Tucson personal injury attorney from our firm can help you, please contact us today.

Tucson Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

nursing home negligenceNursing Home Abuse 


There are many reports of neglect and abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the country.  These homes are regulated by state agencies, but there is little supervision in these homes.  Protect your loved ones by searching for a respected and well-known nursing home or assisted living facility that you can trust.  Severe injuries have been reported at Tucson nursing homes including third degree burns that led to the injury of the victim.


Common Signs for Elder Abuse in Tucson Nursing Homes


The elderly living at nursing homes or assisted living facilities cannot defend themselves or protect themselves from the neglect or abuse that may occur within the building.  You have to be careful and watch for signs of abuse.  The most common warning signs of abuse in a nursing homes or assisted living facility include the following:

  • Unexplained injuries;
  • Restraint marks on wrists;
  • Malnutrition / dehydration;
  • Sudden loss of weight;
  • Unsanitary residents or conditions;
  • Improperly maintained living facilities; and
  • Unexplained withdrawals from financial accounts


Sometimes the abuse is presented in the form of financial loss.  Residents’ accounts may be debited without their consent, or their accounts may be overcharged.


Why Hire A Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer?


Unfortunately, abuse at these facilities is common throughout the United States.  Victims may suffer from physical violence, emotional abuse, financial exploitation or even sexual abuse.  If you believe that your loved one has suffered at the unscrupulous hands of another contact a Tucson personal injury lawyer.  Our attorneys will help you make a claim against the nursing home or assisted living facility.


The Lara Law Firm knows how damaging nursing home abuse can be and we are prepared to stand up and fight for the injured residents.

Tucson Daycare Negligence

Tucson daycare negligenceDaycare Negligence Attorney

It is very important that you pay special attention when selecting a daycare for your children.  The State of Arizona has reported neglect and even abuse at these facilities.  The injuries to children from daycare negligence typically include physical damage and long lasting emotional losses after daycare negligence.


What is Daycare Negligence?

When negligence is an issue in the case it is the duty of the court to define it and apply the pertinent facts thereto whether requested to do so or not. Southwest Cotton Co. v. Ryan, 22 Ariz. 520, 199 P. 124; Reah v. Jupin, 68 Ariz. 335, 206 P.2d 558, 559; Riser v. Herr, 187 Okl. 211, 102 P.2d 178; Sartin v. Moran-Buckner Co., 189 Okl. 178, 114 P.2d 938. Stallcup v. Coscarart, 79 Ariz. 42, 282 P.2d 791 (Ariz., 1955).


Typical negligent and abusive actions at Tucson daycare centers include:

  • Failing to properly feed the children at the daycare.  Malnutrition, or feeding the children foods that they are allergic to, can cause severe harm to the children under the care or negligent providers.
  • Failing to provide a safe environment, or safe premises.  An unsafe environment can lead to injuries, including the loss of fingers, severe head injuries, choking, or allowing the children to have access to medicines or toxic substances.
  • Failing to screen employees (negligent hiring).  Day care centers must screen potential employees by conducting background checks and proper interviews.  These checks can keep incompetent or dangerous employees from caring for your children.  Unfortunately, these checks do not occur all the time, and the losses to children can be devastating.


Only those qualified to provide care should be hired by a daycare.  Any deviation from the highest standards constitutes daycare negligence can cause injury to children.  Accidents after daycare negligence are common and they may occur even after a little lack of supervision from the employees.


daycare negligence

Common day care accidents and injuries


Injuries after daycare negligence occurs may include:

  • Accidents Involving Toys.  Toys that have been involved in safety recalls, or toys that are too little for children should not be used at day cares.  Children may be injured by these small or unsafe toys.  Choking incidents have been reported.
  • Accidents Involving Other Children.  Children at the daycare may hurt each other if they are not supervised properly.  The persons providing care for the children should be familiar with the children’s behavior and should take precautions to prevent the children from causing injury to one another.
  • Injuries Involving Food.  Food poisoning may occur from spoiled or contaminated food.  Other children may have an allergic reaction to certain foods and may even need hospital care.
  • Physical Injuries.  Cuts, bruises, and broken bones may indicate that the child’s injury was caused by abuse or negligence.


Lawsuits Against After Daycare Negligence


The personal injury attorneys at the Lara Law Firm can help you file a lawsuit so that you receive just compensation for the harm incurred by your child.  You won’t pay us anything unless we win your case.  Our contingency fee allows our clients to have their case fully resolved without any cost to the victims.


Contact a Tucson injury lawyer from our office today so that we may begin working on your case.


Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tucson motor vehicle accidentsTucson Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney


Every day we hear car accident reports on the radio and on television.  Our dependence on our vehicles and public transportation creates the danger of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Car accidents can lead to serious injuries, hospitalization, lost time from work, and even permanent injuries that may have to endure throughout the rest of your life.  Tucson motor vehicle accidents occur too frequently and have lasting injuries on the innocent victims.


Help for those injured after Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents?


If you have been victimized in an accident of any kind, it is in your best interests to have a personal injury attorney handle your claim.  An attorney can take the stress away from dealing with insurance companies and handling a lawsuit on your own.


At the Lara Law Firm, we know that victims who suffer in a car accident will lose time from their schedule, and may even lose their jobs as a result of their injuries.  As such, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the most compensation as possible so that they may recover in all aspects of their life.  Some of the accidents that we have been able to help injury victims with include the following:


Types of Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Tucson Motorcycle Accidents: Accidents that involve the use of a motorcycle can leave a rider seriously injured due to the small build of the bike and the great force of a passenger vehicle.  Typical injuries to a motorcycle rider include broken bones, brain damage, and serious bodily harm that usually requires physical therapy to cure.
  • Tucson Bus Accidents:  Bus accidents may cause harm to the passengers, to pedestrians, other vehicles on the road; the damage from these accidents can be catastrophic.  Many times these accidents involve school children.  Due to the great harm caused by these accidents, and the large number of potential claimants, it is wise to retain legal counsel quickly.
  • Tucson ATV Accidents: In the rural areas of Arizona, ATVs are a common source of recreation.  Nevertheless, these vehicles have caused injuries and even death to its riders.  These vehicles are dangerous even to those that know how to operate them well.  Injured parties may make a claim against the manufacturer if the design was defective.  Passengers may also use the driver if they were injured by his or her negligent driving.
  • Boat Accidents: Not every motor vehicle accident occurs on the roadways.  In fact, waterways are just as prone to serious and debilitating accidents.  Boats do not steer as easily, do not have a car’s braking system and are often operated by those who are not properly trained.  This can result in serious accidents that can cause debilitating injuries to the victims.
  • Tucson Truck Accidents: Commercial trucks can cause serious injuries and even multiple deaths from a single collision.  Large commercial trucks are common in Arizona highways are roads, and distracted or tired drivers can cause great damage to other motorists.  Also, lack of proper training or supervision can lead to devastating injuries.  Other causes for accidents may also be created by defective equipment or poor maintenance of the truck.


Call us if you have any questions.  We always refer callers to other attorneys if our law firm is not an ideal match for your case.