Causes of Trucking Accidents

Arizona truck failuresCauses of Trucking Accidents


It is important to determine the causes of trucking accidents in Arizona.  This will help you reach the right parties and witnesses to testify in court.  The cause of the accident helps the jury attribute fault among the defendants.  The Plaintiff will not have to share any of the responsibility for the accident if the proper preparation and presentation is made to a jury.


Employer Negligence in Arizona


Truck companies may not be following the regulations imposed by the law and may be breaching industry safety standards.  As a result, accidents may ensue and injuries to countless victims may occur.  The company records and employment handbook can reveal the flaws under which the company may be operating.


This information can be subpoenaed or requested from one of the parties to litigation.

Tucson Injured Drivers


Injured truck drivers may also sue after an accident.  While it may seem that the driver should bear all the responsibility for the crash, other factors may have contributed or may have caused the accident altogether.  Improper equipment or truck parts may have caused the truck to malfunction, and the truck driver must protect himself from the negligence of others that caused his injuries.


Jackknifing Accidents in Arizona Highways


Jackknifing accidents refers to truck accidents where the bed of the truck spins around and faces backwards.  These accidents may be caused by negligent braking, or defective equipment, or equipment malfunction.  When a commercial truck jackknifes, its bed will swing across the highway, causing collisions with other vehicles or congesting the freeway.


Trailers should be equipped with anti-jackknifing devises that limit the angle to which a trailer can swing.  Victims of jackknifing accidents are entitled to take their injuries to make a claim and to have their case heard by a jury in court.  Call us at 520-577-0707 if you have any questions about the causes of trucking accidents and your recourse.


Tucson Trucking Accidents

Tucson truck accident lawyersTucson Trucking Accidents


Collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles typically lead to serious injury or death.  There are more than 400,000 accidents involving large trucks every year. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) disclosed that in the year 2009, there were more than 3,000 deaths involving truck accidents.  The next year, 1,000 more fatalities were reported.  Tucson trucking accidents are common due to the great transportation capacities that this city processes every year through our freeway system.


Catastrophic and even fatal accidents occur every day throughout the United States and Arizona.  Negligent truck drivers and their companies need to be held responsible for their actions because accident victims suffer tremendously.


In the case of improper maintenance or defective products, truck drivers themselves may be injured or killed without any negligence of their own.  In any event, we can review the facts of the case and begin a claim on your behalf.


Who’s Responsible for Tucson trucking accidents?


It is important to review all the facts of the case to determine who may be held liable for your injuries.  The driver and the company who hired the driver may be liable.  Further, any company that failed to maintain the truck may be responsible for the payment of your losses.  Lastly, the company that manufactured the parts that caused the accident may also be sued if there is an indication that the component led to a malfunction and to the accident.


The log books, company records, and the electronic on-board recorders can reveal much information about the accident.  Further, witnesses, police reports, notes from the emergency personnel, and the report from law enforcement can help us find useful information in your case.  This information can also lead us to the right people to interview or to the experts who can download and interpret data from the truck.


The following individuals or entities may be held liable in your truck injury case:

  • The truck driver.  For failing to conduct pre-driving inspections, for driving too fast, for making illegal or unsafe turns and passes, for failing to brake, for driving drowsy or under the effects of medication, or for not securing loads.  These are some examples of negligent driving or negligent actions prior to driving.  However, some truck drivers have even been stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol or even conducting illegal activities while under the scope of their employment.
  • The trucking company who hired the driver.  Truck companies can be held responsible for your injuries if they fail to conduct proper background checks of the drivers.  This is so because a proper employment application should check for a current CDL, a driving history, medical conditions, criminal history, and employment background.  Truck companies should also make sure that their trucks are in a good condition and that they have the proper equipment in case of an emergency.
  • Truck manufacturer: The commercial truck may be dangerous from the time that it is first put on the road if it does not have the proper gear.  The components such as the tires, brakes, hydraulics and lights, may be defectively manufactured and may cause an accident.


Our Work In Tucson Trucking Accidents


You can be assured that we will handle every case with the most diligent manner.  We will conduct interviews, depositions, discovery, and compel the production of documents that the defendant does not want to produce.  All of this pre-trial work allows us to be ready to try Tucson trucking accidents before a jury if the defendant’s insurance company does not want to settle for a fair amount.


Our clients deserve fair and full compensation so that they may rebuild their lives after a tragic accident.  Call our truck accident attorneys for a free consultation at 520-577-0707.

Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tucson motor vehicle accidentsTucson Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney


Every day we hear car accident reports on the radio and on television.  Our dependence on our vehicles and public transportation creates the danger of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Car accidents can lead to serious injuries, hospitalization, lost time from work, and even permanent injuries that may have to endure throughout the rest of your life.  Tucson motor vehicle accidents occur too frequently and have lasting injuries on the innocent victims.


Help for those injured after Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents?


If you have been victimized in an accident of any kind, it is in your best interests to have a personal injury attorney handle your claim.  An attorney can take the stress away from dealing with insurance companies and handling a lawsuit on your own.


At the Lara Law Firm, we know that victims who suffer in a car accident will lose time from their schedule, and may even lose their jobs as a result of their injuries.  As such, we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the most compensation as possible so that they may recover in all aspects of their life.  Some of the accidents that we have been able to help injury victims with include the following:


Types of Tucson Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Tucson Motorcycle Accidents: Accidents that involve the use of a motorcycle can leave a rider seriously injured due to the small build of the bike and the great force of a passenger vehicle.  Typical injuries to a motorcycle rider include broken bones, brain damage, and serious bodily harm that usually requires physical therapy to cure.
  • Tucson Bus Accidents:  Bus accidents may cause harm to the passengers, to pedestrians, other vehicles on the road; the damage from these accidents can be catastrophic.  Many times these accidents involve school children.  Due to the great harm caused by these accidents, and the large number of potential claimants, it is wise to retain legal counsel quickly.
  • Tucson ATV Accidents: In the rural areas of Arizona, ATVs are a common source of recreation.  Nevertheless, these vehicles have caused injuries and even death to its riders.  These vehicles are dangerous even to those that know how to operate them well.  Injured parties may make a claim against the manufacturer if the design was defective.  Passengers may also use the driver if they were injured by his or her negligent driving.
  • Boat Accidents: Not every motor vehicle accident occurs on the roadways.  In fact, waterways are just as prone to serious and debilitating accidents.  Boats do not steer as easily, do not have a car’s braking system and are often operated by those who are not properly trained.  This can result in serious accidents that can cause debilitating injuries to the victims.
  • Tucson Truck Accidents: Commercial trucks can cause serious injuries and even multiple deaths from a single collision.  Large commercial trucks are common in Arizona highways are roads, and distracted or tired drivers can cause great damage to other motorists.  Also, lack of proper training or supervision can lead to devastating injuries.  Other causes for accidents may also be created by defective equipment or poor maintenance of the truck.


Call us if you have any questions.  We always refer callers to other attorneys if our law firm is not an ideal match for your case.

Truck Accident Investigation

truck safety investigationTruck Accident Investigation

Complete and thorough investigation should be conducted shortly after an accident to determine the cause of the accident.  Negligence or a defective product may have been the proximate cause of the collision.  In any event, you are entitled to seek the truth and have your case heard by a jury or judge.  In Arizona, the parties can agree to have the matter heard in a summary jury trial in a more expeditious and inexpensive manner.



Truck Accident Statistics

In 2005, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) disclosed that there were over 5,000 fatalities involving the use of commercial trucks.  You should be ready to file a claim after a trucking accident, given the great number of accidents caused by trucks and the severe injuries that are commonly suffered after one of these accidents.

If you have been injured after a one of these victims, you deserve to have your rights protected.


Truck Inspections and Highway Safety

Trucks must be inspected regularly and must adhere to the FMCSA standards.  The drivers must also be regularly supervised and certified so that safe roads can be assured for the general public.


Truck Insurance

Unlike passenger vehicles in Arizona, that require a minimum insurance coverage of $15,000 to $30,000 for any bodily injury, commercial trucks must carry at least a minimum of $750,000 in insurance for any bodily injury that may occur on the road.  It is important to verify insurance coverage in these trucks after an accident, because sometimes the owner may lease the truck and the lessor may not carry the insurance mandated by the law.


Trucking Company and Truck Driver Regulations

Regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standardize the use and maintenance of commercial trucks.  These truck regulations include the use of controls and displays, starter interlocks, windshield defrosting and defogging systems, hydraulic and electric brake systems, and trailer load carrying capacity.

Further, truck drivers must comply with rues regarding receipts and bills, the transportation of household goods in interstate commerce, controlled substances and alcohol use and testing, commercial driver’s license standards, and other employee safety and health standards.

The regulations are extensive and the breach of any of these rules may cause an accident and severe injuries or loss of life.


Seriously Injured in a Truck Accident?

You need to pursue a legal action within the statute of limitations, and gather all the necessary information quickly before you lose valuable evidence in your case.  The preservation of evidence is needed so that you are able to present all the correct and relevant information at court.  The attorneys at the Lara Law Firm are highly qualified to handle trucking accident claims and lawsuits—contact us today to pursue your legal claim today.

If you have suffered a serious injury, or if a loved one has lost his or her life, as a result of a trucking accident, please contact our law firm.  We can understand the scale of these cases, and we know how to properly conduct truck accident investigations through experts to prosecute your claim.

We have a commitment to great personal service and to helping victims of truck accidents involving serious injury, or wrongful death, and will diligently pursue your claim.


Investigating Truck Safety Failures

truck safetyInvestigating Truck Safety Failures


Commercial vehicles come with truck safety features that must be maintained in order to be effective.  Accidents with these large trucks often involve several vehicles and cause extensive damages to the injured victims.  Investigating truck safety failures can help injury victims recover proper compensation and will bring the responsible parties to court to answer for their negligent behavior.


Tucson Truck Accident Claims Involving Truck Safety Problems


Common safety issues may arise from the failure to keep up with responsible security practices.  Consider the following:

  • Log books and maintenance records may help to determine if maintenance problems led to brake failure, a tire blowout, steering failure, or driving past the legal limit (this is the most common violation).
  • Defective products used in the trailer may also cause a wreck when the equipment malfunctions.
  • Inadequate equipment can also greater injuries if it is not installed properly.  Safety features are designed to protect the truck driver and other motorists.


Failure to maintain a truck, or to fix safety features before the truck hits the road, may cause an accident and may aggravate the injuries suffered in a collision.  Investigating truck safety failures helps victims recover their losses and encourages better practices. We can also download the data from the semi truck.


If you were  involved in a truck accident we can help.  We will handle your claim against the insurance claim, or file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible parties.  Our attorneys know how to approach your case in order to assist you in recovering the highest compensation for your damages.


truck safety

Contact a Tucson Attorney after a Truck Accident


If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a trucking accident, please contact our office at 520-577-0707.  We advocate for those injured with a semi truck.  These truck collisions often involve dangerous driving behavior such as drowsy driving or unsafe lane changes.  Other causes for the accidents may include defective brakes or tire explosions.  All of our consultations and services are free for our clients.

Truck Injury FAQ


Truck Injury FAQ

Understanding Your Rights After a Trucking Accident


Truck accidents cause more damage and more personal injuries than collisions between passenger vehicles.  This is so because commercial trucks are much heavier than passenger vehicles and easily lose control of the road after an accident.  The injuries from a truck accident can be devastating and permanent, and other vehicles and drivers near the scene of the accident may also be injured.


Truck drivers may be under pressure to meet a deadline, and may be overworked.  A common problem in the industry is the failure of truck drivers to adhere to the hour driving limits, thereby leaving drivers tired and sleepy.  This is a very dangerous condition given the magnitude of the damage that their trucks can cause.


After being involved in an accident with a commercial truck, you need to secure your rights to sue.  Presenting your claim in court as soon as possible will allow you to take the depositions of witnesses and defendants.  It will also allow you to preserve company records before they are destroyed.  It is wise to seek legal assistance for yourself or for your loved ones before this information is lost, or witnesses cannot be secured.


A Tucson Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist You


At the Lara Law Firm, a Tucson personal injury attorney from our firm will know how to answer any and all questions you may have about your case.  Trucking accidents can cause serious injuries and claims should be pursued aggressively.  Contact a Tucson trucking accident lawyer from our law firm today.


truck accident injury Tucson

Other Truck Injury FAQ: 

  • What is the Time Limit for Filing a Trucking Accident Lawsuit?  In Arizona, you have 2 years to sue after an accident, or 2 years after you discover that you have been injured.  The same time limitation applies to a wrongful death claim.  This means that a plaintiff has to take legal action within this time, or the claim is forever barred.  In some cases, this time period may be “tolled” because the injury victim was under a condition such as minority or imprisonment.  It is important, therefore, to report your claim with the insurance company shortly after the accident, and to hire an attorney experienced in these cases.  If you are not sure whether you can sue in your case, call us and we can review your case.  All of our services and consults are not charged to the client.
  • How Long Can Truckers Be On The Road?  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the number of hours that truckers can be on the road. The number of hours that can be driven on a single run are limited, and these hours must be tracked by the driver and his or her company. A trucker can be driving on the road for no more than 11 hours, then the driver must be off the road for 10 hours before returning to work. If a trucker has been on the road for more than 11 hours, he or she can be held liable for negligence. The driver’s company can also be held responsible for the accident if it can be proved that it encouraged the driver to violate these regulations.
  • Can I Still Recover Damages if I am Partially at Fault?  Commercial truck insurance carriers may attempt to limit their liability by claiming that the injured plaintiff was also partially liable for the accident.  Arizona follows a purely comparative negligence model; this means that if the plaintiff is 90% negligent, then the defendant will only be responsible for paying for 10% of the plaintiff’s damages.  Defense attorneys will attempt to place as much blame as possible on the plaintiff, to limit their liability and payment to the plaintiff.


More on this Topic–When You Are Partially Liable in a Commercial Truck Wreck


You should be compensated for your injuries even if you are partially responsible for causing the accident.  Arizona’s pure comparative laws allow you to recover the amount of damages in proportion to the defendant’s negligence.  Your medical bills and the damage to your vehicle should be paid.  For this reason, disputing liability becomes one of the most litigated factors in personal injury cases.  The jury will assess liability after the presentation of evidence and testimony at trial.




You may contact our office if you have any questions.   Truck injury cases are inherently difficult and expensive to litigate.  Nevertheless, we pay all expenses before your case settles or before you go to trial.


Truck Underride Accidents and Injuries

truck underride accidentTruck Underride Accidents


Your vehicle may be trapped under a commercial trailer after an accident.  These truck underride accidents accidents will lead to severe injuries that require hospitalization, or may cause the death of a person.  Naturally, a lawyer can help you hold the negligent parties responsible.


Tractor Trailer Underride Accidents


When a passenger car goes under a semi or trailer, it is called an underride accident. These accidents can be catastrophic because all occupants may be seriously injured when the passenger compartment is crushed, or when the top is torn off by the chasis of the semi-truck.


Truck underride accidents can occur in the following ways:

  • Poor visibility in the late hours of the night, or during a shower of rain, or improper lighting in the truck.
  • Intersection accidents where the truck may turn in front of the passenger vehicle.
  • Side-swipe accidents where the truck driver cannot see the driver on the adjacent lane and turns into the passenger vehicle’s lane and causes a collision.
  • An accident with multiple vehicles may push another vehicle under a semi-truck.


Truck Underride Accidents attorney

Arizona Trailer Accident Lawyers


We welcome calls from any person who has suffered injuries in truck underride accidents, please contact a truck underride attorney at the Lara Law Firm at 520-577-0707, or toll-free at 800-577-0189 for a free evaluation of your case.


It should never be the responsibility of an injured party to bear the financial burdens that a negligent truck driver can create.  With the caring and personal level of service you will receive at the Lara Law Firm, you can trust our skilled team to put your needs first and fight hard to protect your rights.


Contact a Semi Truck (Commercial Truck) Attorney in Tucson


Our truck underride accidents attorney has experience in personal injury cases of all types, giving you an edge as we negotiate with insurance companies and seek deserved settlements and compensation.  You may call us at any time.

Proving Truck Safety Failures in Truck Collisions

safety failureProving Truck Safety Failures in Truck Collisions


Truck safety failures can be proved through the use of experts and inspections.  Numerous causes of negligence can cause an accident.  Therefore, only the most diligent inspections can reveal the proximate cause of the collision, and alert similar companies to follow better practices.


Investigation After a Truck Accident

At the Lara Law Firm we thoroughly investigate every truck accident case that comes through our office.  The truck, or the components of the truck, not just the truck driver may have caused the accident.  Further, the commercial truck driver may have been negligent in driving over the speed limit, over the hours of time allowed under the law, or may have simply been tired and inattentive at the time of the accident. Proving truck safety failures can be difficult without the use of an expert witness.

Trucking companies have high exposure limits when involved in an accident, so they have highly trained insurance adjusters and lawyers who investigate their losses.  Thus, when you are injured in a truck accident, it is vital to have someone with the resources that the Lara Law Firm can provide you with.

Our firm can effectively investigate your truck accident and determine what parties were negligent in your loss.  Whether it was the driver, poor maintenance, improper loading of the cargo or a combination of these, our firm will pursue the trucking company to ensure you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.


Example of Proximate Cause

What is proximate cause? An example of this analysis is presented in a case where an unlicensed driver’s negligent driving eight days after the car was entrusted to her was neither abnormal nor extraordinary in hindsight.  Where cause-in-fact exists, remoteness in time and space do not defeat proximate cause. Keeton et al., supra, § 36, at 282-83.  The Arizona legislature declared by the enactment of A.R.S. section 28-477(B) that renting automobiles to unlicensed drivers increases the risk of harm to the public.  The Arizona Court of Appeals held that it could not, as a matter of law, state that the driver’s negligence a week later was outside the scope of the risk created by the vehicle owner’s conduct in failing to investigate the reason for the driver’s lack of a license. See Rosholdsell v. Volkswagen of Am., 147 Ariz. 160, 169, 709 P.2d 517, 526 (1985), cert. denied, 476 U.S. 1108, 106 S.Ct. 1957, 90 L.Ed.2d 365 (1986) (scope of risk due to original actor’s negligence may include foreseeable negligent or criminal acts of others); Central Alarm of Tucson v. Ganem, 116 Ariz. 74, 77, 567 P.2d 1203, 1206 (App.1977) (intervening burglary “within the ambit of risk” created by original actor’s negligence). See Tellez v. Saban, 188 Ariz. 165, 933 P.2d 1233 (Ariz. App. Div. 1, 1996).



Proving Truck Safety Failures


We would like to help you if were injured in an accident with a commercial truck.  We have the experience and resources necessary to help you pursue your claim in proving truck safety failures.  Contact the Lara Law Firm online, or by calling us at 520-577-0707 to set up a free consultation in our downtown Tucson office.