Preparing for Your Injury Claim Settlement Conference

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Preparing and Attending Your Injury Claim Settlement Conference

You should meet with your attorney once or twice before the settlement conference.  If you cannot attend the meeting prior to the settlement conference, at least call your attorney to discuss your injuries at length before attending the settlement conference.  The settlement conference may be the last time that you may be able to express your point of view, present your medical billing, lost wages, and future damages.  Some of my clients are still in medical treatment at the time of the settlement conference and a future medical care report is presented to the Settlement Conference Judge (or Judge Pro Tem).

An Inexpensive Resolution of Your Injury Case

The settlement conference is a very inexpensive manner of resolving your personal injury case.  Unlike a mediator, a Settlement Conference Judge does not have to be paid.  Further, the Superior Court will make some courtrooms available for the litigants at no cost to you.  The Settlement Conference will take about 3 hours or less and the courthouse does not receive any payment.  In Pima County, the Position Statements submitted to the settlement conference judge is confidential and is not filed with the Court.  This means that there is no filing fee for submitting your memorandum and the exhibits to the Judge Pro Tem.

Understanding All of Your Damages and Your Case

Understanding of all your damages, the theories of liability, comparative negligence, and strengths and weaknesses of your case before attending the settlement conference is a must.  At the settlement conference, the Judge Pro Tem speaks with the parties in separate conference rooms and thus becomes the only person that can be a voice for your client.  The settlement conference judge needs to know everything about your claim and why it is better for the opposing party and attorney to settle the case rather than spending thousands of dollars on a trial.  This is especially important in a case with multiple parties or a wrongful death claim.

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Pursuing Other Parties After an Injury Claim Settlement Conference

In Arizona, you  may pursue a claim against all parties involved in the accident.  The adverse vehicle owner provides the primary auto insurance coverage for your losses.  The adverse vehicle driver provides the secondary excess coverage for your injuries.  Then, you may still pursue compensation through your own underinsured motorist policy or uninsured motorist policy that you purchased before the accident.  Hence, the Settlement Conference will most likely involve a written settlement that does not have to include the other parties or other insurances policies that can be used for your benefit.

Hiring an Arizona Wrongful Death DUI Accident Lawyer

Hiring an Arizona wrongful death DUI accident lawyer

Hiring an Arizona Wrongful Death DUI Accident Lawyer

Often a victim’s family member asks, “Why did I lose my father, mother, daughter or son in such a violent car collision?” In such situations, it is important to put the emotional side aside and consider whether there was any negligence in driving of the adverse vehicle.  Whenever a fatal auto crash takes place, the question of negligence comes in and the question of the wrongful death emerges as well.  Protect your family and those that were left behind and never doubt that a lawyer will assist you in making such a claim.


A family member or a guardian-ad-litem can sue for the wrongful death claim

The claim of wrongful death is made by the family member or a guardian-ad-litem if the claimant is a minor.  Today, the majority of the states have laws and regulations regarding the wrongful death claim.  The victim party has the complete right to claim compensation for the loss of the relationship with the loved one.  Usually the family members of the victim make such legal actions, but a guardian-ad-litem can also make a claim on behalf of the minor.


An Arizona auto personal attorney can be of great help

The laws and rules for the wrongful death out of an auto accident differ from one state to the other. For instance, the laws in Arizona are different from Texas.  The compensation for the damages and the loss of a loved one can be claimed, but the type and the amount of compensation might vary.  In case you have lost someone close in a wrongful death out of a car collision, hiring an Arizona wrongful death DUI accident lawyer can be the best person to guide and provide you help in such a situation.


Safety car measures have reduced the number of car accidents in the recent times

According to the reports of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than 35,000 people who lose their lives every year in car accidents in the USA.  Every 12 minutes there is one death in an auto collision on an average.  But, thanks to the improved care safety features that the number of auto accidents has reduced considerably in the past few years.  Consider the following when hiring an Arizona wrongful death DUI accident lawyer and ask how the attorney can assist you in the civil and criminal restitution on behalf of your family.


Common causes of fatal auto accidents

As per the American Automobile Association, there are certain factors responsible for the fatal car collisions that often lead to wrongful deaths.  They include:

  • Impairment
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Distracted driving (using cell phones for texting or talking while driving)
  • Defects in the manufacturing of the car
  • Reckless driving
  • Inexperienced or minor drivers
  • Fatigued driver
  • Highway or street defects


The above mentioned factors can lead to the wrongful death and you might require the help of a personal attorney.  We can use these points and strategies to help you as we have done in the past with other clients. Thus, experience and knowledge is very important when hiring an Arizona wrongful death DUI accident lawyer.