Documenting your losses after the accident

noting your injuries

Noting your injuries and losses

As bad as a car accident may be, you still have to protect yourself by securing medical care and noting all of injuries and losses.  Write down your medical expenses, out of pocket co-pays, mileage, limited activities, and the loss of your wages.  Present all of this information to the insurance adjustor, or to your Tucson attorney if you are represented.  You are entitled to be compensated for all of these losses.  Activities that are limited should be written because you are likely to forget what you were not able to do 4 weeks after the accident, after a lawsuit is filed and your deposition is taken 2 years after the accident.

Talk to your doctors about the accident

A common problem that we have seen is that an accident victim will not speak about the injuries that they sustained to their primary care doctor.  Typically the appointment with such a doctor was set prior to the motor vehicle accident, so the injury victim does not mention the accident at all and the medical record does not note that an accident occurred!  This is a problem because insurance adjustors will ask why the accident was not mentioned at all.

Keep a diary

Keeping a diary may be the best solution to document every one of your problems after the collision.  Write down how the accident negatively affected your life.  Talk about how your time with your family is now different since the collision.  Everything that you can think of can help you.  Pictures and video of your condition can also be used to illustrate your injuries.  We once had a client that videotaped her inability to walk after the accident.  This was presented to a mediator who was deeply saddened by her condition.  You can paint the right picture when it comes to describing your injuries.  Work with your attorney and do not leave any losses undisclosed.

By: Lawyer Adolfo Lara Tucson Arizona