Pima County Memorial Day DUIs

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Memorial Day DUIs in Pima County

Memorial Day DUIs are so common in Pima County, that the police departments  offer over time for their officers and employ more officers than on a typical non-holiday weekend. Checkpoints are set up throughout the County stopping every driver to see if they have had too much to drink. The checkpoints are set up during the early afternoon and continue throughout the night.

The checkpoints are Constitutionally valid and help to stop hundreds of motorists throughout the Memorial Day weekend. Further, hundreds of other motorists are motorists are stopped throughout Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Tucson, South Tucson, Green Valley and other municipalities.

Avoiding DUI accidents

This means that drivers should be very careful and should take precautionary measures to avoid being victims of a DUI accident. Driving after 10:00 pm on Pima County roads during Memorial Day weekend has proved to be dangerous and sometimes even deadly. Wrongful death motor vehicle accident cases multiply during a weekend when are supposed to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect this county, or who served honorably in the armed forces. The Memorial Day weekend should be reserved to respecting, honoring, and remembering all the soldiers that have selflessly left their hometowns, their families, and their schools to serve in the military. Many times this weekend turns into tragedy with families spending time at the hospital or eventually in a funeral home.

Victims of DUI Accidents in Pima County

Two years ago, on Memorial Day weekend, we received a heartbreaking phone call. A young man from Tucson was leaving for training for the military, or boot camp. He came back to Tucson one last time before entering the USMC Marine Corps Boot Camp. On his way from the Tucson International Airport he was injured to the point that a military doctor declared him to be “disabled” and unable to serve. DUI accidents destroy lives, families, and the health of young and innocent victims. Don’t drink and drive, and counsel others to avoid any drinking before driving. Unfortunately, stories like this one are prevalent throughout Arizona and the rest of the country.

Contact a DUI Accident Lawyer in Pima County if you were a victim of such an accident.