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The injuries of each of our clients are unique.  For example, one of our clients had an injury to C1-C2 and an injury to his brain stem.  This injury caused him to experience problems with his motor functions.  The adjustor could not believe his story, so we hired a neurologist and filed a lawsuit.  Our client’s story checked out to be true.  His life was severely affected as he had problems walking and standing, and even getting out of bed!


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Your injuries are unique and the impact of such injuries on your life are just as unique. Talk to your lawyer about how your injuries affect your lifestyle.  One of our clients was hit on the driver’s side of his vehicle by a semi-truck.  The impact was so bad that his hip was broken and his left rotator cuff was torn.  Nevertheless, even after 2 successful surgeries, he was never able to play golf again.  He canceled all of his golf memberships and is now bound to watching golf on TV rather than playing it.  How horrible!

This clients story was explained to an adjustor who simply dismissed the allegations. We then requested an uninsured motorist arbitration, and the assigned arbitrator paid our client the policy limits after learning his story.  The bottom line is that at some point, an attorney can help you present the story to a jury, an arbitrator, or a mediator and take the case out of the hands of an insurance adjustor who simply does not care.


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Call us about any of these topics.  We will also refer you to a well recommended workers compensation attorney or a medical malpractice, or toxic torts attorney if we do not handle your accident type.

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Adolfo Lara, the personal injury lawyer at this law firm, can help you after an accident. Regardless of whether the accident was a fender-bender or a catastrophic collision, our auto accident attorneys are here to help you. Our ultimate goal is to help you recover your health through quality medical referrals.  Secondly, we can help you maximize your compensation through litigation and extensive work.